How to counter Geonosian teams in SWGOH

Geonosians are one of the most annoying teams in SWGOH. Unless you’re going in with a hard counter, it’s easy to get swarmed by a strong Geonosian team. In this guide we’ll check the best ways to counter the Geonosian faction in SWGOH for all game modes.

How Geonosian teams work in SWGOH

Before we talk about how to counter Geonosian teams, we need to understand how they work. The game mechanics are pretty simple, making Geonosians the SWGOH equivalent to a Zerg swarm in Starcraft. They can unleash an onslaught of endless attacks out of turn if you don’t know how to stop them. Here are the roles each Geonosian character serves on the team:

  • Geonosian Brood Alpha is the Leader of the best Geonosian team in SWGOH. GBA at full ability levels with Zeta tiers can summon Geonosian Brute, add significant stat boosts to Max Health and Max Protection, and allow Geonosian allies to attack out of turn while GBA remains in battle. Targetting GBA is the key to taking down a Geonosian team in SWGOH.
  • Geonosian Spy is the main Geonosian Attacker and the largest source of damage. Geonosian Spy has one-shot potential with its Silent Strike ability if enough debuffs are inflicted on its prey. This unit is a massive threat and a high-priority target.
  • Sun Fac is the main tank of the outfit, aside from Geonosian Brute. Sun Fac is built for taking damage and can inflict Stagger, Blind, and Daze debuffs.
  • Geonosian Soldier is an Attacker that can generate lots of Turn Meter through critical hits.
  • Poggle the Lesser is a Support Geonosian, used primarily for mass debuff cleansing. It can inflict Ability Block.
  • Geonosian Brute is the aforementioned summoned Geonosian unit. It often has a Taunt buff that allows it to protect essential Geonosians like GBA or Geonosian Spy. It can be resummoned if defeated.

If you intend on defeating a Geonosian team in SWGOH, prioritize defeating Geonosian Brood Alpha and Geonosian Spy. If you defeat GBA, you can get rid of the mass attacks out of turn. The lower priority targets are Sun Fac, Geonosian Soldier, and Poggle the Lesser.

Best teams to counter Geonosians

Geonosians have hard counters that turn their attacks out of turn against them. A mediocre Jawa team and a G12 Traya team can counter Geonosians without using more important teams like Darth Revan, the 501st, or Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader Empire or Sith team. Here are some counters that will destroy Geonosian teams:

  • Darth Traya (L), Darth Sion, Darth Nihilus, Sith Empire Trooper, Savage Opress
  • Chief Nebit (L), Jawa Scavenger, Jawa Engineer, Datcha, Jawa
  • Darth Revan (L), Bastila Shan (Fallen), Darth Malak, HK-47, Sith Marauder
  • General Veers (L), Admiral Piett, Range Trooper, Colonel Starck, Moff Gideon
  • Mother Talzin (L), Nightsister Zombie, Asajj Ventress, Old Daka, Nightsister Spirit
  • Commander Luke Skywalker (L), Chewbacca, Han Solo, C-3PO, Threepio & Chewie
  • Emperor Palpatine (L), Darth Vader, Mara Jade, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Grand Moff Tarkin
  • General Grievous (L), IG-100 MagnaGuard, B1 Battle Droid, Droideka, B2 Super Battle Droid
  • Any Galactic Legend team, but please don’t do this…

As mentioned earlier, your best bet is to roll with Jawas and a Darth Traya team to cheese Geonosian teams. Jawas use Thermal Detonators if attacked, and add stacks for each hit. That’ll add up quickly to 30+ Thermal Detonators on Geonosians with all the attacks out of turn, having them pop like popcorn when they finally go off. Deploying seldom-used teams like those should leave your other big-shot teams free to take on bigger fish in PvP.

Keep collecting those banners, and stay tuned for more SWGOH guides, tips, and tricks!

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