How to create your own kingdom in Mount & Blade II Bannerlord

Bannerlord is a medieval action RPG that is part of the Mount & Blade franchise and is quite interesting, at least from my perspective. The game still has a lot of bugs and glitches that need fixing, but for the most part it is great. And if you are here, then you have the same goal in Bannerlord as me: creating your own kingdom in Calradia and unifying all nations into one. I mean, why settle as a vassal to some ruthless ruler, when you can make your own rules and live however you like?

Unlike in the previous games in the series, creating your own kingdom in Bannerlord is a complex process. There are conditions to be met before you can do it, but no worries, I’m here to help you get through them and create your awesome kingdom.

Creating your own kingdom in Bannerlord

Completing Nerezet’s Folly

When you first create your character and start the game, you’ll automatically be given the Nerezet’s Folly quest. And in order to create your own kingdom – if you’re doing it without mods – you have to complete this quest.

The quest starts by asking you to learn more about the Nerezet’s Folly, and in order to do so, you’ll have to speak with 10 nobles. You can’t get this information with any random noble. You’ll have to narrow it down to the nobles listed below:

  • Rhagaea of the Southern Empire
  • Monchug of the Khuzait
  • Lucon of the Northern Empire
  • Unqid of the Aserai
  • Mesui of the Khuzait
  • Hurunag of the Khuzait
  • Tais of the Aserai
  • Olek of the Sturgian
  • Raganvad of the Sturgian
  • Caladog of the Battanian
  • Melidir of the Battanian
  • Ingalther of th Vlandian
  • Garios of the Western Empire

These are only the ones I’ve discovered, but I know that there are more. The trick is to look out for nobles with a blue exclamation point next to their name.

Nerezet’s Banner

Once you’re done speaking with the 10 nobles, you’ll be given two separate quests: Meet with Istiana and Meet with Arzagos.

Both Istiana and Arzagos can be found in the quest-provided locations. Istiana will want for you to rebuild the Empire, using the Nerezet’s Dragon Banner, whilst Arzagos wants you to do the exact opposite.

Both of them will ask you to collect the three parts of the Banner, which can all be found in a bandit hideout near their location.

If you’ve completed that quest, congrats: you are one step closer to becoming a ruler of Calradia.


Kingdom creation requirements

You’ve completed the Nerezet’s Folly quest, now you are able to create a kingdom. But first, you’ll have to fullfill some requirements:

  • Reach Clan Level 3
  • Be an Independent Clan
  • Have 100+ soldiers in your party
  • Own a settlement

Reaching Clan Level 3

Raising your Clan Level is not a hard task, though it is a long one. In order to get to Clan level 3, you will have to gain reputation and renown. This can be done by winning battles, defeating bandit hideouts, winning tournaments and so on. The bigger the challenge, the more renown and reputation you get, the closer you are to creating a kingdom in Bannerlord.

Independent Clan

This part is pretty much given, since no one who wants to be a ruler tends to join another clan. If, however, you have chosen to raise your clan level within another kingdom, you will have to abandon the kingdom in order to start your own.

Keep in mind that, although it is easier to raise your clan level with the help of other lords, once you leave their kingdom, your relationship with them will decrease.

Have 100+ soldiers in your party

Again, no trick here. You need at least 100 soldiers in your party in to create your own kingdom.

They don’t need to be top tier units. Just go from village to village and take on any recruits they offer, but keep in mind you’ll need to have enough money to pay their wages and food, otherwise they’ll desert the party as quickly as they joined.

Creating your own kingdom in Bannerlord

Own a settlement

There is no nice or polite way to do this, you will have to choose an enemy and conquer land from them. Doesn’t have to be a Town, so I would suggest attacking a castle with lower garrison troops, especially on the border of their territory, as conquering a castle in the middle of their territory will leave you surrounded by enemies.

Choosing between Istiana and Arzagos’ approach is the last step to creating your kingdom in Calradia. That means picking between creating an Empire Kingdom, or a Non-empire Kingdom.

And voilá! You have your new kingdom! From then on, it’s up to you to recruit lords for your kingdom, conquer new settlements, and do whatever else rulers do! Also, as you’ll be in a vulnerable situation from the start, I’d recommend you get married and produce heirs, so that, you know… in case you die, you can continue playing as one of them.

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