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How to cure Lycanthropy in ESO | The Elder Scrolls Online

Lycanthropy in The Elder Scrolls Online is an affliction that players can catch from Werewolves, that ultimately allows them to tap into a new skill line and of course, turn into an awesome Werewolf. However, not everyone likes playing as a Werewolf, so today I’m going to tell you how to cure lycanthropy in ESO.

Why cure Lycanthropy in ESO at all?

Being a Werewolf is absolutely perfect for players who are going for a Stamina build, as they deal massive damage with their claws, are super quick, and have a huge Stamina boost. Plus, their arms are pretty much rock solid and they use them to block and bash enemies.

However, there are a few legitimate reasons why some players choose not to play as a Werewolf in ESO. First of all, Magicka build players don’t really use Stamina, so they would be better off as Vampires rather than Werewolves.

One major downside to being a Werewolf in ESO is that, despite retaining all passive buffs and skills from other skill lines, while you are in Werewolf form the only active skills you can use are those from the Werewolf skill line.

How to cure Lycanthropy in ESO

No matter how you became a Werewolf, you can always cure the affliction. And to do so, all you have to do is find a Priest of Arkay. You can always find the Priest in the Mages Guild, in Evermore in Bangkorai, Rawl’ka in Reaper’s March, or Riften in Rift.

There is a price to pay – 600 gold to be exact – and once paid, the Werewolf skill line will become inactive. That is how you cure Lycanthropy in ESO; don’t forget that it is permanent. You can’t just go back to the Priest and ask to revert the cure. If you ever wish to become a Werewolf again, you will have to get yourself bitten by a Werewolf.

How to avoid contracting Lycanthropy by accident

Much like with the Vampires, if you are not planning on becoming a Werewolf, you will absolutely have to steer clear of Werewolves. Be careful when roaming around at night. If you tend to encounter Werewolves very often, you might just want to consider becoming their nemesis: a Vampire.

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