How to deckbuild and play Acheran in Warhammer Combat Cards

It may not seem like it, but there are actually ways to mathhammer Captain Acheran decks in Warhammer Combat Cards. Since he has decent ranged and melee stats with a tendency towards melee, and he is guaranteed to face off against the enemy warlord over multiple turns, there are two distinct ways to deckbuild around him.

The first is the support line-up. Take Melee Scouts, Outflankers, and Inspiring Presence cards, and use them to give Acheran as much punch as possible during the final rounds of the match. Cards like Ancient Remus and Jetek Suberei are useful for this strategy.

The second way to deckbuild Acheran in Warhammer Combat Cards is by adding psykers to your deck. By using psychic attacks throughout the game you are saving more of your melee and ranged damage buffs for the end, when Acheran can use them to land big hits on the enemy warlord.

Below is an example of a deck that uses both principles, focusing more on the psychic setup archetype. The core cards are Epistolary Galen, Sanguinary Priest Dalecio, and Brother Pythol. On paper Apothecary Aralan makes a good substitute for Dalecio because he is a psyker and can attack alongside Galen, but I find the deck works better with Dalecio as the most consistent ranged debuff you can get. It goes without saying that you you don’t want to have all three healers in the same deck.

Acheran deck Warhammer Combat Cards

This deck slowly grinds the enemy army down while setting up one or two power hits to win the match with. The basic idea is to get as many turns as possible clapping things with Galen’s psychic attack and burning them down with his psionic blast. By doing this you are saving ranged and melee power, preparing Acheran to deliver the finishing one-two punch on the enemy warlord.

So, what does each card do in this deck? Galen deploys early and starts doing Galen things, while Dalecio, Pythol and Brother Gjorn keep him safe with debuffs and bonus health. Ancient Basidas should hit the table alongside Galen; alternatively you could save him for the end to act as a damage multiplier on Acheran’s attacks. Jetek Suberei and Cogfang help stack extra melee damage, and can be deployed whenever. Skarin serves no purpose, and is just in the deck so Cogfang has a friend to play with.

I hope this deck has given you some ideas for new ways to play Acheran, and deckbuild in general – stick around for more Warhammer Combat Cards content!

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