How to defeat Bonemass, the third boss in Valheim

Valheim has a lot of mob enemies and they can be hard to beat, but the biggest obstacles you’ll face are the five bosses. You’ll encounter them as you explore the open world, and you’ll definitely want to kill them in order to get the unique rewards they provide. In this guide I’ll explain everything you need to know in order to defeat Bonemass, the third boss in Valheim.

Who is the the third boss in Valheim?

Bonemass is the third boss you’ll have to kill in Valheim and he can be found in the Swamp, but just like the other bosses, you won’t get its exact location right away. If you’ve killed the second boss, The Elder, then you’re in possession of a Swamp Key. This key will allow you to enter the Sunken Crypts of the Swamp biome and at some point, you will find a Runestone that will provide you the location of Bonemass’ altar.

Once you’ve found the exact location of Bonemass’ altar, you’ll have to start collecting Withered Bones, as you’ll need 10 in order to summon him. You can find those bones by exploring Sunken Crypts and destroying Muddy Scrap Piles.


Defeating Bonemass is not easy, and this Valheim boss is not like the previous bosses. First, he inflicts poison damage, meaning you’ll need Poison Resistance Meads. The Rested Bonus is also a must, so that, together with three types of food – preferably meats – you can keep your HP as high as possible. Healing Meads are great too.

In order to defeat Bonemass, you’ll need Iron Armor (anything less and you’ll get killed easily) and Blunt of Frost weapons. That said, get yourself an iron mace, a shield, and if you can, frost arrows.

How to defeat the third boss in Valheim

Battle Strategy

Bonemass has three attacks. The first one is a straight-up punch to the face. No special trick here, but considering his size, you’d do well to evade.

The second attack is a ball of goop thrown into the air. The ball won’t be thrown at you, but once it touches the ground, 4 mobs will spawn at its landing spot. Kill them right away, otherwise, you’ll get overwhelmed.

Lastly, Bonemass will pull up a poison cloud. Time to drink up that Poison Resistance Mead! The cloud will still cause damage, but it won’t kill you as quickly as it would without the Mead. Drink the potion and get away from the poison cloud. Wait until it clears and then get back into action.

Take these three threats into account and attack Bonemass in between each one. It’ll take some time, but you’ll kill him eventually.

Boss rewards

Defeating the third boss in Valheim gives you the Bonemass trophy. Place it in its sacrificial stone and enjoy the Forsaken Power, which grants you the ability to boost all physical damage resistances for 5 minutes.

You’ll also get a Wishbone, which is an equippable item that sort of guides you to buried treasures. You’ll see a green effect around your character and a ringing sound that will get more intense as you get closer to treasures nearby.

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