How to exorcize Azazel on The Town in Devour

Welcome to Mercy! The Town is the new map in Davour in which players have to exorcize Sam as he’s been possessed by Azazel. In this guide, we’ll check out how players can effectively take on the demon sheriff of The Town in Devour. Can I get a yee yee?

Get started

Starting the game in The Town isn’t as painfully obvious as on other maps in Devour. The Town is fully open and doesn’t require keys to access buildings or even individual doors. Before starting, enjoy the peace and freedom of roaming anywhere that isn’t the Saloon.

The Town can begin its haunt as soon as players:

  1. Enter the Saloon.
  2. Approach the player piano.
  3. Walk up the stairs.
  4. Enter the bedroom that you hear footsteps in.
  5. Pick up the key on the table to the chapel.
  6. Step into the big pentagram.
  7. Do a lil’ prayer because it’s about to get spooky.

After this sequence of actions, Sam will begin patrolling The Town of Mercy. He won’t actively hunt you down at the beginning, but he will shoot if you stare at him for too long. Also, be mindful of Sam walking through doors and jumping down the hole at the top of the hill into the Jail. When you get far enough in the match, Sam will start getting into a full sprint on sight.

Start hoarding

Devour is a hoarding game. Pick up medkits, gasoline, matches, and batteries, and store them in strategic areas. Matches are used for lighting pentagram candles, so make sure you have some handy for when you have collected some books. Gasoline ignites the cleansing effigy in the chapel that banishes the books to exorcize Sam, so store your gasoline in the chapel. Medkits revive incapacitated players, and batteries are for killing the spooky ghosts flying above; they can also be used to stun a raging Sam. The medkits and batteries are probably better stored in the middle of town or on the hill beside the chapel.

Burn the books

Keys are found throughout The Town. These keys open lockboxes scattered around in the different buildings of Mercy. Each key is labelled with the building’s lock box that holds the books you need to burn to exorcize Sam. You can check out which keys you have by pressing K on your keyboard: K is for Keys.

Each book will have a symbol that coincides with the different buildings of Mercy. The pick is meant for the mines, the bed symbolizes the hotel, and so on. To set yourself up for success, unlock every box and then place each book near the pentagram to which it belongs.

Exorcising demons is a multi-step process on every map in Devour, and burning books is how you do it on The Town. Players can complete this process by:

  1. Collecting a book.
  2. Finding a glowing red pentagram.
  3. Lighting the pentagram’s three candles with matches.
  4. Placing the book in the pentagram for it to absorb energy.
  5. Picking up the now-lit book.
  6. Bringing it to the effigy in the chapel.
  7. Igniting the effigy with gasoline.
  8. Burning and banishing the book.
  9. Repeating steps one through eight 10 times.

This process is exhausting and leaves you extremely vulnerable. Make sure you have friends to help and protect you from the flying ghosts and Sam.

Don’t play with Sam or his guns

Sam is playing a first-person shooter while you’re simply trying to survive. Unlike other demons, Sam can banish you to the shadow realm by jumping you or shooting you dead with his ranged attack. Survival is much easier if you listen for him stumbling around before you make your next move sneaking away. His melee takedown instantly takes you out, while his ranged attack does enough damage to down you to a crawl.

Friends who cult together, stay together

Ride or die is the very foundation of Devour. Sure, it’s possible to juggle fifty things at once flying solo, but why would you? Find three other people to share the hoarding, exorcizing, and surviving experience with, and crank the heat up to 451 degrees Fahrenheit.

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