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How to farm for Kamisato Ayaka in Genshin Impact


Kamisato Ayaka is the eldest daughter of the Kamisato clan, Cryo anime waifu, and your newest 5-Star character in Genshin Impact. All that’s left to know is how to farm for her. Without further ado, let’s get to farming and leveling your Ayaka.

Here’s what Ayaka will need for her level ascension:

*Bosses and Potential spoilers ahead*

There are quite a few ways to farm for Shivada Jade pieces. If you’re really looking to farm it all up as fast as possible, then prepare to crack a lot of Fragile Resin and cry. Six bosses drop Shivada Jade pieces: Coral Defenders, Cryo Hypostasis, Cryo Regisvine, Maguu Kenki, Perpetual Mechanical Array, and that dumbass Primo Geovishap. F*ck that guy. Each boss run will run you 40 Resin on redemption – so be prepared to either use up your Fragile Resin, or wait a really long time. You’ll also have to leave the area for three minutes in order for it to respawn – it gets a bit tiring, but this is what you signed up for.

Genshin Impact Coral Defenders farm
I can already tell I’m about to get my sh*t rocked. Image by Mihoyo

In the spirit of efficiency, you can go between bosses so by the time you finish one, the other one will respawn. If you want, you can make a route between them, doing them over and over again in order.  You can farm it up all naturally over time or you can use an alchemy table to upgrade the Jade to its next tier. It takes three of the previous tier material to upgrade to the next one – this goes for other materials with multiple tiers as well. Alternatively, you can use Dust of Azoth to convert any tier of a different gem into a Jade of the same tier.

Handguards, flowers, and… hearts?

Now, if you’ve been farming Ayato as well, this part is a bit easier as Ayaka and Ayato share the need for both Handguards and Sakura Blooms. At least you’re finding out now while you’re still farming. The Handguards you’re after might be a bit annoying to gather. You’re going to be looking for those Ronin groups roaming Inazuma consisting of Nobushi and Kairagi. The Nobushi are easy to deal with and shouldn’t take too long at all.

The difficult part is dealing with the elemental Kairagi. There are two to deal with – Dancing Thunder and Fiery Might, with – you guessed it – Electro and Pyro respectively. The problem is that when you beat one, the other powers up and heals if you’re not fast enough to take them down. I find that staggering them constantly will keep them from executing the animation, which could save you a bit of time and patience. You can find these guys all over Inazuma and can track their exact locations using this Teyvat Interactive Map as well.

The Sakura Blooms are easy enough to gather, if not a little tedious. These are found all over Narukami Island in a cluster of pink flowers and mist. Simply walk up to one with an Electrogranum, hit them with an Electro attack, or use an Electro ability to render them available for harvest. You may need to borrow some from your friends if you’re looking to speed this process up. Be sure to consult the map to get them all and bring someone with low cooldowns… or just bring Kujou Sara to speed up the Electro usage.

You’re going to have to keep cracking Fragile Resin if you’re farming up all your Perpetual Hearts at once. The hearts are only obtainable through the Perpetual Mechanical Array under Jinren Island in Inazuma. Good luck with that one…

Talent upgrades

Unfortunately for you, the Handguard farming doesn’t end there. You’ll need approximately a f*ck-ton more to upgrade Ayaka’s talents, sorry.

  • 9 Teachings of Elegance
    • 63 Guides to Elegance
    • 114 Philosophies of Elegance
  • 18 Old Handguards
    • 66 Kageuchi Handguards
    • 93 Famed Handguards
  • 18 Bloodjade Branches
  • 3 Crowns of Insight (one to max-level each Talent if you’re going for that)
  • 4,957,500 Mora – there was probably a better way to break this news to you, sorry.

On the plus side, you’ll need more Handguards anyway for Ayato, so you might already have them! On the negative side, you’ll need to farm more Handguards either way. This is the Genshin Impact grind, if you weren’t prepared, consider this a trial by fire.

Genshin handguard farm
One down, the rest of Inazuma to go.

Anyway, your Handguard total amounts to 36 Old Handguards, 96 Kageuchi Handguards, and 129 Famed Handguards. I honestly made it sound worse than it was, but don’t get me wrong, it’s still pretty tedious. You may want to consider joining a friend or a stranger for this as well. May as well bring an ally along to make a fast task faster, right? The Elegance Talent books can be farmed in the Violet Court domain on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. These can be upgraded in the same way as all of the previously listed materials at a ratio of three to one. The Alchemist’s Crafting Bench is your friend, people – take advantage!

Now for the Branches

There are two ways to get these Bloodjade Branches. The first way to get them is by doing the Weekly Boss fight – Beneath the Dragon Queller. The second way to get these Branches is actually just by beating that weekly boss fight anyway – then converting them with Dream Solvent. Sorry, that’s really the only way to go about this. On the bright side, at least you can enjoy the music while fighting for your life, right?

Honestly, the Dream Solvent is kind of your saving grace here. Ever since we started being able to convert Weekly Boss materials, farming them has been a tad easier. That just goes to show you – never skip out on your weeklies. You never know what you’ll need and when you’ll need it. Unless you came here first, that is – then you definitely know what you need.

The last item you need is just a little bit more on the scarce side. Crowns – as their context and purpose usually entail – are precious and hard to come by. Crowns of Insight are currently limited to two methods of obtainment – both of which take time. Both methods can be fairly slow in their own right, but one is more consistent than the other and is available at all times. The main way you can get Crowns of Insight is through hitting certain level milestones with the Sacred Sakura in Inazuma and the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine. The only other way to get them is through certain limited-time in-game events. So be sure to keep up with the events in Genshin… You don’t want to run dry of those when you really need one.

Good luck with your rolls, and may every 10-pull bring you luck, joy, and satisfaction. They probably won’t, though – I mean statistically speaking the odds aren’t on your side. Unless your goal was to get a 4-Star, in which case, that totally works out. If you’re specifically aiming for the 5-Star though… just don’t get your hopes too high. The pity might not be in your favor.

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