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How to farm for Kokomi in Genshin Impact

Go Fish.

Sangonomiya Kokomi is one of the newest (and strongest) healers in Genshin Impact – but you’ll have to farm for her to get her up to full potential. I’ll assume that’s why you’re here, so let’s get started!

Kokomi level up Farm

Here’s what Kokomi will need for her level ascension:

What even is a Lazurite anyway?

*Potential spoilers ahead* Varunada Lazurite and all its various pieces are dropped by six different bosses. Three Weekly Boss fights drop them: Beneath the Dragon-Queller, Confront Stormterror, and Enter the Golden House. These being Weekly Bosses, you can’t farm them over and over again – I just wanted to let you know that there’s a chance you’ll get some there. For farming purposes, you’ll want to go after the Hydro Hypostasis, Primo Geovishap, and Rhodeia of Loch – though you’ll likely know her as the Oceanid.

For farming purposes, you’ll be looking at fighting each boss over and over – but that’s a given. Making a route between them and beating them over and over in order would be the fastest way to get the gems you need – but there are a couple of alternatives.

Genshin Impact Oceanid Boss Fight
Oh no, I hope I don’t get attacked by a big floating water Deity.     Image by Mihoyo

The Hydro Hypostasis also conveniently drops the Dew of Repudiation that you need, so If you wanted to be more efficient, you could just fight that over and over again. It takes a little longer since you’ll need to wait three minutes between each respawn, but it will likely save you some time in the long run. Also, remember that you can use an Alchemy table to upgrade your gems to the next tier up. Three of the previous gem tier can be used to make one of the next tier. This goes for any other material with multiple tiers as well, so make use of it. You can also use Dust of Azoth to convert one gem piece into a different gem of the same tier.

Lil’ ghosties and shiny pearls

Spectral Husks, Hearts, and Nuclei are obtained by killing Specters. Is killing the right term? Can you kill a Specter? Anyway – Specters are little floating balls with an eye in the middle. There is a Specter for each element – similar to Slimes – so plan accordingly when going into a fight with them. Specters are found on Watatsumi Island, Seirei Island, and Tsurumi Island. You can use this Teyvat Interactive Map to find their exact locations and track them.

*Spoilers ahead again* Now for the 168 Sango Pearls… 44 pearls can be found all over Watatsumi Island, and 10 can be found around The Serpent’s Bowels in Enkanomiya. Seeing as that only adds up to 56 Sango Pearls, you’ll have to wait for the rest. That, or you could steal them from your friends. Just be sure to ask them first.

Talent upgrades

Thought you were done? Wrong. Now you need to farm so you can upgrade Kokomi’s Talents. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 9 Teachings of Transience
    • 63 Guides to Transience
    • 114 Philosophies of Transience
  • 18 Spectral Husks
    • 66 Spectral Hearts
    • 93 Spectral Nuclei
  • 18 Hellfire Butterflies
  • 3 Crowns of Insight (one to max-level each Talent)
  • 4,957,500 Mora – yeesh.

You know… I probably should have mentioned earlier that you need more Specter pieces for Talents. Well, now you know. It would’ve come to this anyway really.

Genshin Impact spectre farming
Woah, fellas. Surely we can talk this out? Image by Mihoyo

Your total for Specter stuff comes out to 36 Spectral Husks, 96 Spectral Hearts, and 129 Spectral Nuclei. Again, you may want to consider joining a friend or a stranger and killing their Specters. The Transience Talent books can be farmed in the Violet Court domain on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays. These can be upgraded in the same way as all of the previously listed materials at a ratio of three-to-one.

Now for the “special” materials

*Spoilers ahead… again* So, there are two ways to get those Hellfire Butterflies. The first way is by doing the Weekly Boss fight – Narukami Island: Tenshukaku. The second way is by doing that Weekly Boss fight anyway, then converting the other two possible drops – Ashen Heart or Molten Moment – to Hellfire Butterflies by using Dream Solvent. You get Dream Solvent by beating Weekly Bosses anyway, so don’t skimp out on your weeklies. These materials are important regardless but are even more useful now that you can use Dream Solvent on them. The conversion rate on these materials is one-to-one, so I really hope you’ve been hoarding materials and Solvent.

The last item you need will be a little more… scarce. Unfortunately, Crowns of Insight are currently limited to two fairly slow methods of obtainment. The main way you can get Crowns of Insight is through the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine and the Sacred Sakura in Inazuma. The only other way to get them is through certain limited-time events. So be sure to keep up with the events in Genshin… I learned that the hard way.

So how do you build Kokomi?

You could make Kokomi a DPS character, but she’s really better suited as a Support character. I’ll be giving you builds for Support Kokomi for now:

  • Tenacity of the Millelith – 4
  • Ocean Hued Clam – 4
  • Maiden Beloved – 4

Compared to other characters, Kokomi is a little simpler to build as you don’t need to mix and match artifacts. Tenacity of the Millelith gives you +20% to your HP as its two-piece bonus. For the four-piece, you’re looking at +20% to the ATK of all nearby party members with an Elemental Skill hits an enemy. If that wasn’t enough, their shields get a 30% boost for three seconds. This can trigger once every half-second and can even be triggered when the character with TotM isn’t on-field.

Ocean Hued Clam’s two-piece set bonus is a simple +15% Healing Bonus. The four-piece bonus on the other hand, well…

Genshin Impact Ocean Hued Clam set
It just keeps going…. Image by Mihoyo

Thankfully, Maiden Beloved is just +15% to Character Healing Effectiveness and a boost of 20% to healing received by everyone in your party for 10 seconds after using an Elemental Skill or Burst.

In any case, you’re looking for HP% / Energy Recharge, HP% / Hydro Damage, and Healing Bonus / HP% on your Sands, Goblet, and Circlet Respectively. Aim for HP%, Energy Recharge, ATK%, Flat HP, and Flat ATK as your sub-stats and you should be golden.

Your weapon options should be fairly easy to get as you don’t even really need any 5-Star weapons. If you’ve got an old Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers kicking around then you’re in luck – that’s her best in slot weapon as a Support. You could also use Prototype Amber, Hakushin Ring, or Sacrificial Fragments.

Where to go and who to go with

Tenacity of the Millelith can be farmed at the Ridge Watch Domain, Ocean Hued Clam at the Slumbering Court Domain, and Maiden Beloved comes from the Valley of Remembrance Domain.

You can set Kokomi up with Hu Tao (or Xiangling), Kazuha, and Bennett if you’re looking for a good Vapourize comp. For a Permafrost comp – try out Ganyu, Diona, and Venti, or swap the latter two for Ayaka and Kazuha.

Fin. Get it? Because she has a fish theme?

Fish pun aside, that’s all I’ve got for you for now. If you have other characters you need to farm, I’m sure that Kokomi will help you through all the fighting. Maybe you could even pair her up with Raiden Shogun for a weirdly ironic team-up.

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