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How to farm for Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact

She's beauty, she's grace, she'll stab you in the face.

The Raiden Shogun is the mighty and fearsome ruler of Inazuma in Genshin Impact but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to farm for her. That’s where I come in. Here’s how to farm up and build your Raiden Shogun.

Raiden Shogun level up farm

Here’s what Raiden Shogun will need for her level ascension:

Gems, gems, gems

Let’s start with your Vajrada Amethyst pieces. Chances are you may have some lying around from other character farming experiences, or just from playing regularly. If you’re hurting for some Amethysts though – there are a few ways to get them. The first way you can get them is through fighting and winning against Weekly Bosses and World Bosses. *Spoilers ahead* the Stormterror, Childe, and Azhdaha Weekly Boss fights can drop you some shards. For a more consistent farm, you can challenge the Electro Hypostasis, Thunder Manifestation, Primo Geovishap, and, those damn Coral Defenders.

Genshin Impact Thunder Manifestation
Well… That’s not menacing at all.    Image by Mihoyo

For efficiency’s sake, you can go from boss to boss letting the previous one respawn by the time you beat the next. Making a route between them would be pretty easy as well, letting you do them over and over again, giving neither yourself nor them any time to rest in between.  If you get tired of farming, you can use an alchemy table to upgrade the Amethyst to its next tier. Expending three of the previous tier materials nets you an upgrade to the next tier up. That goes for other materials with multiple tiers as well. Alternatively, you can use Dust of Azoth to convert any tier of a different gem into an Amethyst of the same tier.

More fighting!

The Storm Beads you need are actually earned by claiming rewards from the Thunder Manifestation as well. If you wanted to save on some Resin costs, consider just repeating the Thunder Manifestation fight instead. Just remember that you’ll have to leave for three minutes after each fight to let it respawn. It’s really a choice of getting quick gems or getting Beads and gems together.

Those Handguards might be a bit more of an annoyance, depending on your outlook. Next up, you’re going to be looking for those groups of Nobushi and elemental Kairagi found around Inazuma. The Nobushi are the pretty easy ones and should go down without much of a fight. The annoying part is dealing with the Kairagi. There are two to deal with – Dancing Thunder and Fiery Might, with their corresponding elements. The problem here is that when you beat one, the other powers up and heals if you’re not fast enough to take down the other one. If you can manage to stagger it constantly, you may be in luck as it won’t actually be able to do the power-up animation. You can find these guys all over Inazuma, this Teyvat Interactive Map in order to find their exact locations as well.

Now you can relax… a bit

Amakumo fruit is found growing in pairs on trees all around Seirai Island. As you’ll always find more than one, it may not take you that long to farm all of these up. Unfortunately, there are no vendors that sell them, but on the bright side, you’ll only need them for Raiden Shogun – for now anyway. If you run out in your world, consider raiding a friend for them – they (probably) won’t mind.)

Talent upgrades

Your farming isn’t over yet, Raiden Shogun still requires more materials so you can level up her talents. Here’s what you need:

  • 9 Teachings of Light
    • 63 Guides to Light
    • 114 Philosophies of Light
  • 18 Old Handguards
    • 66 Kageuchi Handguards
    • 93 Famed Handguards
  • 18 Molten Moments
  • 3 Crowns of Insight (one to max-level each Talent)
  • 4,957,500 Mora – Yikes, sorry.

My apologies in advance, I feel like I misled you somewhat. You will in fact need more Mora and more Handguards… and more patience, now that I think about it.

Your total for Handguards comes out to 36 Old Handguards, 96 Kageuchi Handguards, and 129 Famed Handguards. This may take a little longer than you thought it would. Light Talent books can be farmed in the Violet Court domain on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays and can be upgraded in the same way as all of the previously listed materials.

Genshin handguard farm
One down, the rest of Inazuma to go.

*Spoilers ahead* There are really only two ways to get the Molten Moments that you’ll need for her Talents – and they both involve fights. The first way is by beating the Signora weekly boss fight – Narukami Island: Tenshukaku. The second way is by beating her anyway, then using the other two possible drops – Ashen Heart or Hellfire Butterfly if you get those instead – to convert them to Molten Moments by using Dream Solvent. Dream Solvent is obtained by beating Weekly Bosses anyway, so be sure to keep up the fights every week. The conversion rate is one-to-one, so I really hope you’ve been hoarding materials and Solvent.

The last item on your list is pretty hard to get, unfortunately. Crowns of Insight are undoubtedly the hardest to farm because they’re currently limited to two methods of obtainment. The main way for you to get Crowns of Insight is through events. The only other ways to get them are the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine, and the Sacred Sakura in Inazuma. Worship the trees, and you shall be rewarded.

How do you build the Raiden Shogun?

As she is in fact the Raiden Shogun, she will not be left to the side. She’ll be on your field quite often as an Electro DPS, so we’re going to adorn her with our finest Artifacts. Here’s what you can use:

  • Emblem of Severed Fate – 4
  • Noblesse Oblige – 2 / Thundering Fury – 2 / Emblem of Severed Fate – 2 / 2 pieces of any +18% ATK set/
    • You’ll be choosing a combination of two of these and getting the 2-piece bonuses from them.

The set bonuses for EoSF net you 20% Energy Recharge (two-piece) as well as an Elemental Burst damage buff equivalent to 25% of your Energy Recharge – up to a maximum of 75% (four-piece).  Two pieces of Thundering Fury boost your Electro damage by 15% and Noblesse Oblige’s two-piece bonus is a 20% buff to your Elemental Burst damage.

Genshin Impact Emblem of Severed Fate set bonus
Image by Mihoyo

Stat-wise you’re prioritizing Energy Recharge or ATK% for your Sands, Electro DMG or ATK% for your Goblet, and Crit Rate/DMG for your Circlet. The sub-stats you should look for are Crit Rate / DMG, ATK%, Energy Recharge, or Elemental Mastery.

Weapon-wise you’re looking at Engulfing Lightning as her best in slot weapon, followed up by Staff of Homa or Primordial Jade-Winged Spear. 5-Star weapons are hard to get though, I understand. If you don’t have any of those, you can instead use The Catch (at refinement five), a two-stack Lithic Spear, Deathmatch, or Wavebreaker’s Fin.

Here’s where to go and who to go with

Emblem of Severed Fate can be farmed in the Momiji-Dyed Court Domain, Noblesse Oblige comes from Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern, and Thundering Fury can be found in Midsummer Courtyard. All Artifacts can be farmed at any time, so take your time if you need to, after all the other farming I just know you’ll be tired.

The Raiden Shogun enjoys teaming up with Kujou Sara, Beidou, and Bennett for a thunder comp. Alternatively, you can swap Beidou for Kazuha. You could even swap out all three for Eula, Rosaria, and Zhongli to make a Superconduct comp.

That’s it!

You’ve reached the end, now all that you need to do is get out there and start farming. Build up your Raiden Shogun nice and strong and decimate anyone that gets in your way. You’ll also look pretty Regal while you do it.

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