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How to farm for Shenhe in Genshin Impact

MORE Cryo waifus?

Shenhe is Genshin Impact’s newest Cryo support 5-Star, but like all characters, you’ll need to farm for her first. That’s where I come in with this shiny Genshin Impact Shenhe farm guide!

Here’s what Shenhe will need for her level ascension:

There are quite a few ways to farm for Shivada Jade pieces. If you’re really looking to farm it all up as fast as possible, then prepare to crack a lot of Fragile Resin. Six bosses drop Jade: Coral Defenders, Cryo Hypostasis, Cryo Regisvine, Maguu Kenki, Perpetual Mechanical Array, and the f**king Primo Geovishap. Each boss clear will cost 40 Resin on redemption and you’ll have to leave the area for three minutes in order for it to respawn.

In the spirit of efficiency, you can go between bosses so by the time you finish one, the other one will respawn. If you want, you can make a route between them, doing them over and over again in order.  You can farm it up all naturally or you can use an alchemy table to upgrade the Jade to its next tier. It takes three of the previous tier material to upgrade to the next one – this goes for other materials with multiple tiers as well. Alternatively, you can use Dust of Azoth to convert any tier of a different gem into a Jade of the same tier.

Genshin Shenhe farm Coral Defenders
I can already tell I’m about to get my s**t rocked.

The Dragonheir’s False Fins can be gained by beating the absolute s**t out of Level 30+ Coral Defenders. This will coincide with your Shivada Jade farm, so there’s a choice to be made here. You can either choose to speed-farm Jade, or farm the Coral Defenders for both Fins and Jade, but wait three minutes in-between clears. You can also gain two Fins for completing the Where the Heart Finds Rest Archon Quest.

The rest is much easier. Depending on how long you’ve been playing, you may already have all the Whopperflower…juice, that you’re looking for. If you don’t have enough, fret not, for there are many places to find Whopperflowers around Teyvat. If you’re having trouble finding Whopperflowers though, there’s an official Teyvat Interactive Map that you can use to find and keep track of them. You more than likely can farm these up all in your own world, but if you wanted, you could join a friend and use them for their flowers.

With Qingxin being found on the tops of mountains, I would recommend using some of the vertically-oriented characters if you have them. No, I don’t mean tall, though that works too I suppose. I meant to use the Geo-Construct users, as well as jumpy-boi Kazuha. Your search efforts will be confined to Liyue, but there are a couple of other ways to get Qingxin. You can buy up to 10 every three days from Herbalist Gui at the Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue Harbor. Three can be obtained by talking to Qinglian at the Stone Gate and you can also buy seeds and grow them in your Serenitea Pot.

Talent upgrades

Don’t rest yet, you still need to farm for talent upgrades. I am so sorry; here’s what you’ll need for Shenhe’s talent upgrades:

  • 9 Teachings of Prosperity
    • 63 Guides to Prosperity
    • 114 Philosophies of Prosperity
  • 18 Whopperflower Nectar
    • 66 Shimmering Nectar
    • 93 Energy Nectar
  • 18 Hellfire Butterfly
  • 3 Crowns of Insight (one to max-level each Talent – but maxing her attack isn’t necessary)
  • 4,957,500 Mora – Yeah, I know.

Listen, nobody said that the farm needed to max out a character in Genshin would be easy – and Shenhe is no exception. I really hope you read this whole thing before going out to farm because you’ll need to keep looking for Whopperflowers.

Your total for Nectar comes out to 36 Whopperflower Nectar, 96 Shimmering Nectar, and 129 Energy nectar, which may take a little longer than previously thought. Prosperity talent books can be farmed in the Taishan Mansion domain on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays and can be upgraded in the same way as the previously listed materials.

Genshin Shenhe farm prosperity
This doesn’t look like any mansion I’ve ever seen…

*Spoilers ahead* There are really only two ways to get the Hellfire Butterflies that you’ll need. The first way is by beating Signora weekly boss fight in Tenshukaku. The second way is by using the other two possible drops – Ashen Heart or Molten Moment – to convert them to Hellfire Butterflies by using Dream Solvent. The conversion rate is one-to-one, so I really hope you’ve been hoarding materials and Solvent.

The last item on your list is unfortunately the most scarce material. Crowns of Insight are the hardest to obtain due to the fact that they’re limited to two methods of obtainment. The main way you’ve likely gained Crowns of Insight is through events. The only other ways to get them are the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine, and the Sacred Sakura in Inazuma.

Last but not least, your build

I’m not exactly the right person out there to help you with min-maxing. Hopefully, I can set you up for a good start. Here are the artifacts you’ll be looking for to equip on your shiny new 5-Star character.

  • Noblesse Oblige – 4
  • Gladiator’s Finale – 2 / Shimenawa’s Reminiscence – 2 / Emblem of Severed Fate – 2
    • For the second option, you’ll be choosing two of the three Artifact options.

Shenhe, like Yun Jin, functions as more of a support-oriented character, hence the Noblesse Oblige set. She supports other Cryo characters – giving Cryo damage buffs with her Elemental Skill and shredding both Physical and Cryo resistance with her Elemental Burst.

From here you can choose artifacts for yourself. Due to her support nature though, Shenhe generally functions better overall with a Noblesse Oblige set. Noblesse Oblige’s two-piece bonus is an Elemental Burst DMG bonus of 20%. The four-piece bonus gives all party members a 20% non-stacking attack bonus for 12 seconds. If you can’t tell by now, having a Shenhe in your party will seriously mess up anything that tries to come at you.

Venture forth for your Artifacts

Noblesse Oblige can be farmed in the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Domain in Liyue. All artifacts can be farmed at any time, so, no rush! Stat-wise you’re looking more towards building DEF%, Energy Recharge, and Crit Rate. Gladiator’s Finale can be farmed off of any of the World Bosses. Shimenawa’s and Emblem of Severed Fate are easier to farm, both coming from the Momiji-Dyed Court Domain in Inazuma.

Because she buffs Cryo damage, you’ll obviously want to pair her with other Cryo users. You’ll want to set her up with Cryo damage dealers like Ayaka and Ganyu. Throw a Hydro and Anemo Character in there if you want to keep enemies frozen for the rest of their lives. You could also put Chongyun on her team, for no reason in particular. No spoilers here.

That’s pretty much a wrap when it comes to Shenhe material farming! Just remember that you signed up for this farm when you signed up for Genshin, with Shenhe or any other character. It’s just that much more worth it when you’re farming for a 5-Star as opposed to any of the other characters. Or that’s what my friends tell me anyway. Guys, I swear, it was just a break.

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