How to farm Pokeball materials in Pokemon Legends Arceus

In Pokemon Legends Arceus farming materials for Pokeballs can be time-consuming. But if you know exactly where you can find the materials, then this process gets much quicker. In this guide, I will give you the tips you need to efficiently farm all Pokeball materials in Pokemon Legends Arceus. 


Apricorns are an essential item in making Pokeballs, with every Pokeball recipe requiring one Apricorn. Thankfully Apricorns are quite plentiful and easy to find. All you need to do is search for trees that have brown fruit: these are the Apricorn trees. When you find one you can throw out one of your Pokemon to harvest it.  

To make harvesting Apricorns a bit faster I suggest using Braviary. This will help you travel quickly, and avoid unnecessary Pokemon battles. You can start at one end of the map and work your way through all the areas with trees. If you are in an area with many Apricorn Trees close together, then ride Wyrdeer instead of Braviary. Once you have harvested all the trees you can go back to town, then travel back to the zone. This will make all the trees you harvested respawn their Apricorns and berries.  

You can harvest Apricorns from any of the zones in Arceus, but the Obsidian Fieldlands is one of the best areas. What makes the Obsidian Fieldlands so great is that the landscape is easier to traverse than most of the other areas. It is also the first zone you are introduced to so all the Pokemon here will be low-level if you do have to fight or escape anything. Additionally, the Heartwood and Grandtree Arena areas have a lot of trees that are close together, so harvesting them all takes little time.


If you have a lot of money it may be worth it to just buy the Apricorns instead of farming them. You can buy Apricorns for 40 Pokemon Dollars each. The vendor that sells them is Anvin, who is in Jubilife City standing next to a crafting station at the Craftworks across from Galaxy Hall.  

Normal, Black, and Sky Tumblestone 

Tumblestone is the next item you will need for making Pokeballs when you first start the game. Creating a Pokeball or Great Ball requires one Tumblestone, but an Ultra Ball requires two. You can get Tumblestone by having your Pokemon destroy these orange mineral deposits you can find around the map. Tumblestone mineral deposits are quite common and you can find them near cliffs, hills, caves, and rivers. You can buy Tumblestone from Anvin for 60 Pokemon Dollars. 

Black Tumblestone is used to craft the Heavy Ball, Leaden Ball, and Gigaton Ball. The Gigaton Ball requires two Black Tumblestone, while the other two only require one. Black Tumblestone only comes from black Tumblestone deposits. These are rarer than the orange Tumblestone deposits and are more often found in the regions you unlock later in the game. Black Tumblestone deposits can also be found on hills, near cliffs, or in caves. You can buy Black Tumblestone for 80 Pokemon Dollars. 

Sky Tumblestone is used to craft the Feather Ball, Wing Ball, and Jet Ball. The Jet Ball requires two Sky Tumblestone, while the other two only require one. Sky Tumblestone is only found on top of mountains and hills, and is more common at higher elevations. Sky Tumblestone only comes from blue Tumblestone deposits. You can buy Sky Tumblestone for 100 Pokemon Dollars.


When you have found a Tumblestone deposit you must throw a Pokemon at it to harvest it. There are many mountainy regions that have Tumblestone deposits, so the best way to get to them is by using Wyrdeer and Braviary.  

One of the best areas to farm various Tumblestone deposits is the Obsidian Fieldlands. It has a lot of Tumblestone, Black Tumblestone, and Sky Tumblestone deposits around the mountains that border the map. To farm the Tumblestone deposits you will want to go to the Fieldlands Camp, and then head to the Floaro Gardens area. Go on top of the mountains just North of Lake Verity and right next to the Floaro Gardens name on the map. Once you are there just run down the mountain chain and you will find lots of Tumblestone along the way. There is an especially large amount of Tumblestone ontop of the mountains surrounding Lake Verity.

When you reach the end of the mountain chain, which is just under Lake Verity, make your way down the mountain. You want to do this because the mountainside below has a lot of Tumblestone as well. Go towards Sandgem Flats slightly but stick next to the mountainside, and then make your way North back towards Aspiration Hill. As long as you hug the mountainside you will find a lot of Tumblestone.

A little after you cross the river you can go back to Jubilife to reset all the Tumblestone Deposits, and then come back to the Obsidian Fieldlands. I have the route shown as a red line on the map below.


Iron Chunks 

Iron Chunks are also essential for creating strong Pokeballs. The Great Ball, Leaden Ball, and Wing Ball require one Iron Chunk to make. The Ultra Ball, Gigaton Ball, and Jet Ball require two Iron Chunks to make. There are multiple ways to get Iron Chunks. First it is possible to get them from Tumblestone, Black Tumblestone, or Sky Tumblestone deposits. The chance of getting them is not 100% but you can get a lot this way.  

The second way to get Iron Chunks is by finding them on the ground. Iron Chunks are usually found on top of mountains like Sky Tumblestone and are a bit harder to see. They look like silver iron chunks on the ground. The last way to get Iron Chunks is by buying them for 200 Pokemon Dollars from Anvin. 

You can farm Iron Chunks with the route I explained above for Tumblestone. The mountains in the Obsidian Fieldlands have a lot of Iron Chunks on them. Plus since there is a lot of Tumblestone deposits you are bound to get a lot of Iron Chunks from them as well.


That’s all you need to know about how you can farm Pokeball materials in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Stay tuned for more Pokemon Legends Arceus guides

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