How to farm Shiny Pokemon Statues in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Shiny Pokemon Statues are a new addition in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. These statues can provide players a lot of value in the Grand Underground. In short, these statues give a significant boss to your Secret Base’s Statue Effect. To learn more about how this works, you can read my guide my full guide. To learn how to farm Shiny statues in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, stay on this page.

You can only get Shiny Pokemon Statues from Gorgeous Boxes that you find in the Grand Underground. These boxes are quite rare and can be difficult to obtain, but there is a way to find Gorgeous Boxes reliably. First off you will need to be able to connect to the internet. This is because of that special meter under your map in the Grand Underground. This meter is filled whenever any player walks over a Diglett or Dugtrio. If you are online filling this meter is a lot easier than trying to do it alone, and this is the key to farming Shiny Pokemon Statues.  

When the meter is filled a special bonus is applied to all players for 5 minutes, or 4 minutes if you are playing alone. This bonus increases the chances of finding Gorgeous Boxes while digging, and Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Hideaways.  

Once you are in the Grand Underground, the next step is to choose the perfect spot for your Secret Base. If you do not have a Digger Drill, go purchase one from a vendor. Now you will need to find a Diglett or Dugtrio spawn; just run around until you come across a retreating Diglett or Dugtrio. Right next to the spawn is where you will want to build your Secret Base.


Now for the fun part: running in and out of your Secret Base. Using this method is the fastest way to collect Digletts and Dugtrio to fill up the meter, since every time you come out of the Secret Base there is a chance to respawn the Diglett or Dugtrio in the tunnel. When the meter reaches 40/40 and you see the message “Something good may happen in the Grand Underground”, it is time to farm.

Look at your map for any orange dots, and press R when you get close to them. This will send out a ping that will make any nearby dig spots shine. Once you have found a dig spot, do not start hammering everywhere. There is a way to quickly find out if there is a Gorgeous Box around or not. 

Every Gorgeous Box takes up a 3×3 space. If you dig one square every three spaces, then you can quickly find any Gorgeous Boxes in the dig site. If you see nothing in any of these spaces, then there is no Gorgeous Box buried there. While digging these spots make sure to use the chisel, not the hammer. This method also works for Pretty Boxes that drop normal Pokemon statues.  

Below I have marked each space you need to uncover to know if there is a Gorgeous Box there. Once you have found a Gorgeous Box you can switch to the hammer to quickly uncover it. Then just spam the hammer until the dig site collapses. The reason you do this is that your only goal is to obtain as many Gorgeous Boxes as possible within the 5-minute timer. If you do not find a Gorgeous Box in your dig site, collapse it as fast as possible so you can move to the next.


Repeat this process for every dig spot you come across. If you ever find that you have run out of dig spots, there is a simple fix. Run in and out of a Pokemon Hideaway, or your Secret Base, and the dig spots will respawn.  

This is how you can farm Shiny Pokemon Statues in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. With this method, you will soon have all the statues you could ever need.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl guides. 

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