How to find all Cavern Pokemon footprints in The Crown Tundra

The Crown Tundra introduced a quest tasking players with finding the Cavern Pokemon footprints along with two others. This task is given by Sonia when players enter Frostpoint Slope and talks about researching these footprints. Be aware that Sonia will not appear if you have not finished the post game story in the main game, and captured Zacian or Zamazenta.

Now let’s see where you can find the Cavern Pokemon footprints in The Crown Tundra. The start of the Cavern Pokemon’s trail is at Ballimere Lake. To get here you must go to the Old Cemetery, and take the right path down the hill. There will be a river at the bottom of the hill. Go across this river and you will find Ballimere Lake.

The first footprint will be right where the water meets land. Follow the hill up to get another footprint, then turn right to get another next to a tree.

cavern pokemon footsteps 1 the crown tundra

Now go straight until you see a berry tree overlooking the lake. There will be four footsteps along the cliff’s edge. Follow them to the left and you will find a ramp leading into the water. There will be two footprints on this ramp.

To continue the trail, turn around and go left until you see a berry tree next to a normal tree. There will be one footprint hidden right next to the normal tree, and two more footprints leading down the path.

Continue forwards towards the large patch of grass and you will see a footprint leading into it. Go to the berry tree in the middle of the grass to get two more footprints. Move forwards out of the grass and towards the cliff edge and you will see two more footprints.

Now there will be a large break in the trail here. Just continue to follow the cliff edge until you get to the end and you will find three footsteps around the tree here.

cavern-pokemon-footsteps-2 the crown tundra

To find the next set of footprints, keep to the right and follow the path down. When you see the ruins, do not go through them. Go right where you see a tree and a raid den. There will be one footprint hidden in the grass just before the tree.

Continue forwards and you will find two footprints leading away from the tree, and a third set next to the raid den. Then there will be another break in the tracks.

Move forwards and when you get to the big patch of grass keep to the left. In the small area overlooking the lake there will be three sets of footprints. Next go through the grass and where it ends will be three more footprints.

After picking these up, continue forwards towards the raid den and you will see two more footprints.


Now make a right and go to the secluded clearing overlooking the ocean. There is one raid den here and three footprints around the empty area. Once you have these, go to the only tree here, and along the hill it is next to. You will find two more footprints going around this hill.

Then make your way left towards another ramp leading into the lake. There will be one footprint on the ramp, and a trail of four footprints leading from the berry tree towards the giant tree. Do not go towards the giant tree, as there are no footprints there. Instead continue forwards to pick up another footprint.

Now make your way to the patch of grass that is the farthest away from you. Go towards the berry tree but do not cross the grass. Here you will find two footprints leading towards the cave. Make your way to the cave and you will find another footprint along the way.


Inside the cave you should follow the right wall so you can find the three footprints leading deeper into the cave. This should put you at 100% progress for the Cavern Pokemon in The Crown Tundra. If you are not at 100% though, do not worry, because there are plenty of extra footprints around. The entire cave is littered with footprints, but to make things even easier I will tell you where they are.

Continue up the cave and go to the left wall to find four footprints. These footprints will lead you to the left side of the cave. Go down the cave until you see the first boulder and you will find three more footprints along the cave’s wall.

Continue to follow the cave wall to get five more sets of footprints. Now turn right and go to the rock formation in the middle of the cave to get a hidden set of footprints.


Then go to the other rock formation to find two footprints hugging the rocks, and a third footprint leading away from the rocks. Now you can take the ramp going upwards to a second cave exit. Stick to the right side of the ramp as you go up to find two more footprints.

When you reach the top of the ramp and the land flattens out, you will find three final footprints. These will be enough to get you 100% even if you missed a few along the way.

There you have it, now you know how to find all of the Cavern Pokemon footprints in The Crown Tundra. Once you have 100% progress it is time to fly back to Sonia in Freezington. She will analyze the data and tell you she knows where the Pokemon lives. Now you will be able to find and catch Terakkion in the Crown Tundra!

Stay tuned for my guide on how to catch Terakkion. If you need help finding the footprints of the Grasslands Pokemon or Iron Will Pokemon, then check out my guides on them.

Good luck on your journey to find the footprints!

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