How to find all Iron Will Pokemon footprints in Pokemon the Crown Tundra

The Crown Tundra introduced a quest tasking Pokemon Sword and Shield players with finding the Iron Will Pokemon’s footprints, along with two others. This task is given by Sonia when players enter Frostpoint Slope. Be aware that Sonia will not appear if you have not finished the post-game story in the main game, and captured Zacian or Zamazenta.

Now let’s see where you can find the Iron Will Pokemon’s footprints.

The start of the trail is far from Freezington and within the depths of Giant’s Bed. When you enter Giant’s Bed, stick to the right, and go downhill through the Old Cemetery. After you pass the Old Cemetery, stick to the left and you will see a small path to Giant’s Foot. Here is where you will find four sets of the Iron Will Pokemon’s footprints, which are blue.

Go into Giant’s Foot and you will find another footprint before the large patch of grass. After getting this one, you must go through the grass. Be careful as it is easy for Pokemon to spawn right on top of you, leading to many unwanted battles. The best way to avoid Pokemon here is to stick to the left or right sides that hug the cliff.

Iron Will footprints The Crown Tundra 1

When you get out of the grass there will be a footstep on the left and another in front of that. Continue forwards and in between the berry tree and the river will be the next footprint. Go forwards towards the tree and you will find two more sets of footprints. Now the trail is broken by the river, so travel down the river and into the caves.

You will see a cave entrance towards your right at the end of the river, and here is where the tracks resume. The first will be right at the edge of the water, and the rest lead further into the cave. You will find a total of three sets of footprints as you go down the tunnel leading into an open area with split paths. Take the first footprint in front of you and then turn left. There will be five sets of footprints leading down a cave path the has a dead end.

Once you have these, turn back to where you came from and go to the ledge overlooking a drop in the cave. There will be one footprint there. Then turn around and you will see one towards the middle of the cave.

Now you can continue to the next part of the cave by following the path in front of you. There will be two sets of footprints on this path. Do not continue down the tunnel just yet, though.

Iron Will footprints The Crown Tundra 2

Instead, go to the open area on your left. It appears empty at first, but if you follow the wall you will find four more sets of footprints. Now you can continue down the path where you will find one set of footprints right away.

The rest of the footprints will be in the next cave. At the bottom of the path you will see a footprint in front of you, and several others leading towards a boulder on the right. There are a total of four footprints in this area.

Turn left and you will see two more footprints near the right wall of the cave. Then go left and you will find a footprint in the middle of the room and the final one is next to the left wall. Now you can take the tunnel in front of you to the cave exit, finding three footprints along the way.

Iron Will footprints The Crown Tundra 3

You will now be in the Frigid Sea in an area covered with snow, and this area has footprints all over it. You will see one in front of you. Before following this footprint, go left to the tree and you will see two more. If you look carefully you can see these footprints are leading in a specific direction that goes downhill towards the water. Following these will give you four more footprints.

Now go to the other side of the beach where there is a raid den. Here you will find three more footprints going from the raid den into the grass. You should be at 100% progress by now, but do not worry if you are not. There are plenty of extra footprints you can find in this area, so you do not have to backtrack.

Go back to the cave entrance and follow the cliff wall as it leads down the beach. You will find six sets of footprints alongside the cliff. Now cross the water and keep right to get to the next area of land. Here you will see a footprint on the beach right away. Go uphill to find the next one, and go to the tree to find the third.


You do not need to go into the green area at all, because all the footprints are in the snow. Check the left side of the ramp that leads uphill for two footprints. Then go to the area left of this ramp where the tree is. Here you will find three more footprints.

Now you can go back to the water and make your way to the island in the distance. This is where the last sets of footprints are.

Luckily, on this island all the footprints lead to each other. You will see a set immediately on the beach to start you off. Go right and follow the shoreline, as this Pokemon likes taking the scenic route.

Continue following the edge of the island to find more footprints. This Pokemon basically just makes a big circle around the island leaving you plenty of easy to find footprints.


Once you have 100% progress, go talk to Sonia. She will then use what you found to locate the Pokemon who left the footprints, which is Cobalion. Now Cobalion will be unlocked, and you can go find and catch it.

Cobalion will spawn at the top of the small island in the Frigid Sea. If you want to make sure you are prepared for the battle, check out my guide on catching Cobalion. Cobalion is not shiny-locked, and can be marked, so feel free to hunt for a special Cobalion.

To learn how to mark hunt check out our guide on marks in Pokemon. And stick around for more Pokemon guides and content!

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