How to find and use resources in Marvel’s Avengers

In Marvel’s Avengers, you can find a wide variety of resources throughout each story mission and challenge missions. Resources can be used to upgrade different pieces of gear and be used to purchase new gear from the game’s many vendors.

In the campaign, you’ll begin finding resources during the early ‘New Normal’ mission. From that point on, resources can be found in abundance depending on the rarity of each resource. Some will be scarce and will require you to tackle specific missions and locate high-value crates. There are some resources that will only be obtained by defeating enemies as well.

Outside of the campaign, you can complete Daily Challenges, Faction Assignments, Vault, and Hive missions which reward you with rarer resources. It’s always worth looking into the ‘Objectives’ tab to keep track of potential rewards when completing the various missions. If you’re looking to farm a specific resource, these missions offer ways to collect those hard to obtain resources.

We’ll break down the various resources in Marvel’s Avengers and what each of them does. Then you can begin grinding towards your preferred character builds.

Resource types

In total, there are nine different resource types:

  • Fragments (Common) – Obtained by opening white crates, dismantling gear
  • Nanotube (Rare) – Obtained by opening blue crates and defeating enemies
  • Nanite (Rare) – Obtained by opening purple crates and defeating enemies
  • Catalyst (Rare) – Obtained by opening orange crates and defeating enemies
  • Plasma (Rare) – Obtained by opening yellow crates and defeating enemies
  • Upgrade Module (Rare) – Obtained by opening chests in War Zone missions
  • Polychoron (Very Rare) – Obtained by completing Faction Assignments
  • Uru  (Rare) – Obtained by opening strongboxes and completing Drop Zones
  • DNA Key (Incredibly Rare) – Obtained by defeating humanoid boss-type enemies

For the more common resources, you’ll naturally stumble upon them as you complete objectives. Though, it’s imperative that as you play through the various missions, you keep an eye out for high-tiered resources.

Resources use

Resources play an important role in Marvel’s Avengers. Resources allow you to unlock the full potential of each piece of gear. They also go a long way in being able to purchase new gear sets from vendors.

Fragments, Plasma, and Upgrade Modules are categorized more as general resources. Though many are rare to find, they can all be used for upgrading gear. They can also be spent when purchasing new pieces of gear from the game’s vendors.

Nanotubes, Nanite, Catalysts, Polychorons, and Uru are more-so tied to upgrading specific pieces of gear. Nanotubes are often used when upgrading chest pieces. Upgrading gloves, gauntlets, or anything tied to the character’s hands will use Nanite. Catalysts will typically be used for upgrading gear for each character’s arms. Lastly, Polychorons and Uru are used to upgrade Artifacts, granting additional buffs to character stats.

DNA Keys are used a bit differently. DNA Keys aren’t tied to upgrading gear or for purchasing items from vendors. While still considered a resource, DNA Keys are used to unlocking high-tier strongboxes. DNA strongboxes are otherwise locked without a DNA Key available, and they hold some of the game’s rarest loot.

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