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How to find generators fast in Dead by Daylight

Survivors must find generators fast in Dead by Daylight to, well, survive. With a variety of maps that change their layouts, it can be quite confusing and difficult to track down generators quickly. In this guide, I will share tips, perks, and items that will allow you to find generators fast in any map.   

How to find generators  

My first tip is to look up, as generators have long light poles sticking up in the air to show you where they are. These lights give Survivors more information than just their locations. Repaired generators will have their lights on, while unrepaired ones will have their lights flickering. That way you do not waste your time going to a generator that has already been completed.  

Sometimes there may be a lot of trees or props around that block your vision. If you can get some elevation by going up a hill or building, you can get a better view of the generator poles across the map. Take note of how the generators are spread out, and carefully choose which one to go repair.  

Not all generators have long light poles, though. Yellow generators, which are always found inside buildings, have much shorter light poles. This makes them harder to find, but there is still a trick you can use. If a generator is inside a house like the ones on Haddonfield or Badham Preschool, the house’s lights will be flickering. When the generator is repaired the lights will stop flickering.


There are some indoor maps that take place in one large building. Unfortunately, the lights in various rooms do not always flicker when a generator is in them. This is why Survivors struggle to find generators in indoor maps more than any other map type. The best you can do is check the middle of the building, and look through rooms or hallways.  

Generators have various spawn locations among specific structures in a map, so you should check these areas first if you cannot see any generators. The first place you should check is the map’s main building. These buildings are the easiest to find and almost always have a generator inside, or around them. On top of that, they provide a good escape route if the Killer comes by.   

From there you have more options to check before blindly running around the map. If the map has a Killer Shack you should check it out. There is a generator spawn in the middle of the Killer Shack, but it does not always spawn there.

Other areas to check will be the jungle gyms spread throughout the map. Each jungle gym type has one possible generator spawn location. The last landmark you can check are hills, as generators can spawn next to them.

generator-locations dead by daylight

Perks you can use 

Besides searching the map for generators, there are several perks that Survivors can use to find them. I will go over each one and how it works.  

Déjà vu is a general perk available to all Survivors. Here is how it works: “The auras of 3 generators which are in close proximity to one another are revealed to you for 30/45/60 seconds, at the start of the match and each time a generator is completed. If you are holding a map that can track generators, generators revealed by Déjà vu are added to the map. 

Déjà vu is the second-best generator-finding perk. It activates right when the game starts, helping you get on a generator right away. Then when you finish that generator you can immediately go to another one.


Detective’s Hunch is one of Detective Tapp’s unique perks. Here is how it works: “When a generator is completed, the auras of generators, chests and Totems within 32/48/64 meters are revealed to you for 10 seconds. If you are holding a map that can track objectives, generators, chests and Totems revealed by Detective’s Hunch are added to the map. 

If you are interested in more than just generators, Detective’s Hunch is a great choice. You just need to have a good memory to remember all the auras you see. You could also bring a map to help remember where things are. 

Clairvoyance is one of Mikaela Reid’s unique perks. Here is how it works: “Clairvoyance activates whenever you cleanse a Totem. When empty-handed, hold the Ability button to unlock your full aura reading potential. For up to 8/9/10 seconds, you see the auras of exit gate switches, generators, hooks, chest and the hatch within a 64 meter range.


You can control how long you channel the aura reading from Clairvoyance. It is better than using a map, and you can get a lot of use from those 10 seconds. The only tricky part will be finding a Totem, which is much harder than finding a generator.  

Visionary is one of Felix Richter’s unique perks. Here is how it works: “You see generator’s auras within 32 meters. Anytime a generator is completed, Visionary is disabled for 20/18/16 seconds.” 

Visionary is the best generator-finding perk because of how long it is active. You will always know where a generator is. While Visionary goes offline for a few seconds after a generator is finished, this really doesn’t take away from the perk’s usefullness.


Using Maps 

There is one more way Survivors can find generators and that is with Maps and Rainbow Maps. These items allow Survivors to see generator auras, but they do have limitations. The Map only reveals one generator’s aura at the start of the game. The only way to get it to show the other generators is to walk past them yourself. This means you will have to find most of the generators on your own. 

Rainbow Maps are more of a gamble if you are only looking for generators. This is because the Rainbow Map can track generators, exit gate switches, the Killer’s belongings, and the hatch, but it only starts with three of these items tracked. This makes it possible for the Rainbow Map to not show you a single generator at the start of the game. To track more items on the Rainbow Map you must walk past the relevant objects yourself.


And that’s pretty much all you need to know to find generators fast in Dead by Daylight. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight guides. 

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