How to find new gear and increase Power in Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers lets you unlock a plethora of gear as you step into the shoes of the game’s iconic heroes. Crystal Dynamics’ game throws a lot at you as you navigate the many menus, powering up your heroes.

There are a few things you’ll want to know before we start. In Marvel’s Avengers, gear is what you’ll use to increase each hero’s power level. Gear can also be used to grant various buffs and enhancements. Opposed to cosmetics, swapping gear will not affect the hero’s appearance. In Marvel’s Avengers, it’s what’s under the surface that matters when it comes to power.

It’s also worth considering completing the campaign before diving into the multiplayer-focused Avengers Initiative mode. In the campaign, you’ll want to progress far enough until you unlock the War Table at the Chimera helicarrier. This will be where you’ll unlock Drop Zone and War Zone missions, HARM Room challenges, and hero-specific challenges. These will assist in providing more ways to find rare resources useful for better gear.

Breakdown of gear loadouts

Each hero will have six slots available in their gear loadouts. Four slots are set aside for pieces of gear that directly affect the hero’s Power level. The four main categories surrounding gear are melee, ranged, defense, and heroic. These typically come in the form of gloves, chest pieces, armbands, and so on. The additional two slots are used for Artifacts, pieces of equipment that buff additional stats and provide bonuses.

Each piece of gear contributes to increasing your hero’s Power level. Like other games akin to Marvel’s Avengers, the Power level is calculated by taking the average value of all gear equipped.

Gear comes in a variety of colors, signifying the rarity and quality of the item. Gear can be found in the following colors: white, green, blue, purple, orange, and red. The scale begins with white, which is given to common items. Red signifies exotic items, the most high-tiered and rarest in the game.

Resources can be used to boost pieces of gear. As you work away from common pieces of gear, you can use resources to increase the rating of each piece. Green gear, for instance, can be boosted three times. Orange gear, on the other hand, can be boosted 10 times. Boosting can also unlock new perks for each piece of gear, granting offensive and defensive buffs.

How to acquire new gear

You’ll naturally find new pieces of gear as you play through Marvel’s Avengers. During the campaign, enemies will drop pieces of gear. You’ll also be able to find chests throughout the many missions that have a chance of dropping gear and resources.

If you’re working towards finding high-tiered gear, the supplemental missions in Marvel’s Avengers are where you want to head. Completing Drop Zones, War Zones, HARM Room Challenges, and Faction Assignments can net some great new gear. To learn what each mission offers, check out the ‘Objectives’ tab.

Additionally, vendors will offer progressively better gear as you navigate through the campaign. Sometime during the mid-point of the campaign, vendors will become available at the various HUB locations in the game. Here, you can purchase gear by spending resources.

On the road to the Power level cap of 150, it is imperative that you keep a close eye on the various ways you can improve your gear. Purchasing new pieces can boost your stats but at a forfeit of your equipped pieces. However, boosting existing gear can also improve your Power level, but then you do face the RNG that comes along with it.

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