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How to find totems in Dead by Daylight

Finding Dull or Hex Totems in Dead by Daylight can be tricky, but finding them is essential, as destroying them can deactivate deadly Killer perks or power up specific Survivor perks. Before diving into using perks to find totems, I want to tell you how to find them without perks.  

Tips to find totems

There are 5 totems on every map, and they have varying spawn points. Some are hidden quite well and others are in plain sight. One spawning rule that totems follow is that there can only be one totem on a map tile.  

If you did not know, Dead by Daylight maps are made up of several square tiles that the game puts together to add variation. To give you an idea of how big each tile is, just look at a jungle gym, hill, or Killer Shack. Each of these areas only takes up one map tile of space. With this knowledge, you will have a good idea of where it is not possible for a totem to spawn. 


My next piece of advice for you is to check common areas first. This means check Killer Shack, the map’s main building, jungle gyms, and hills. These are the easiest totem spawns to find because they spawn predictably in these areas. In Killer Shack, the totem always spawns next to the pallet.

As for the map’s main building, there are a lot of them. Each main building has set totem spawn points. While inside a building try looking in corners and between objects. Once you have found the totem remember that spot because it could spawn there in the future.   

It is possible for some main buildings to have multiple totem spawns because they can take up two or more map tiles. The best example of this is the Ironworks of Misery building. There is one totem spawn near the upstairs room behind a box, and another at the end of a walkway near some lockers.


As for jungle gyms, there are set totem spawns in each type of jungle gym. Double window jungle gyms have one totem spawn for each wall.

One pallet jungle gyms have a wall in front of the pallet that creates a hiding spot. In this hiding spot is a totem spawn. In the one pallet one window jungle gyms there is a totem spawn hiding in the corner of the wall that has the pallet. If a generator is in this jungle gym, the totem will be to the right of the generator. Alternatively, the totem can spawn in another corner of the jungle gym along the second wall.  

In the jungle gym with four parallel walls there is a totem spawn next to a locker on one of the inner walls. The next jungle gym is the one with two walls and two map-themed props in between them. There is a totem hidden in the corner of the wall.

The jungle gym with a maze-like structure and a prop hugging the outside of a wall has a totem hiding behind the prop. Keep in mind more jungle gyms may be added in the future, and Behaviour could add more spawns too. For now, these small structures have easy-to-find totems.


The hill does not have much to hide a totem in. The totem usually spawns next to the rock on the hill. The totem can also spawn on the hill in plain sight. 

The toughest totems to find are the ones that are randomly hidden throughout the map. They can be hugging random trees and bushes, or hiding inside the props that make up pallet loops. Some bushes have hiding spots in them as well. Anything that looks like a hiding spot can hide a totem. For example, the knocked-over carts on Treatment Theatre can hide totems.


Some realms have special landmarks that can hide totems. A few examples include the Coldwind Farm realm where the Sacrificial Tree and Harvester can have a totem, or the Autohaven Wreckers realm where totems can spawn around the crane, truck, or bus. Remember to always check unique landmarks that are tied to the realm of the map you are playing on.

Perks to Find Totems 

There are a few perks that Survivors can use to help them find totems in Dead by Daylight. These are great to use to help you learn the various hiding spots of totems.  

Small Game is a perk available to all Survivors. Here is what it does:  “Get an auditory warning when looking in the direction of Totems in a 45-degree cone within a range of 8/10/12 meters. Small Game has a cooldown of 14/12/10 seconds each time it activates. For each Dull Totem and Hex Totem cleansed by any player, gain a Token. Small Game’s detection cone is reduced by 5 degrees per token.


Small Game is the best perk to hunt totems with, since it tells you exactly how many totems are left around the map. The downside is that sometimes it can be difficult to find totems in buildings that have two floors. If the totem is in a really good hiding spot, narrowing it down can also be a challenge.  

Detective’s Hunch is one of Detective Tapp’s unique perks which can also help you hunt for totems. Here is what it does: “When a generator is completed, the auras of generators, chests, and totems within 32/48/64 meters are revealed to you for 10 seconds. If you are holding a map that can track objectives, generators, chests, and totems revealed by Detective’s Hunch are added to the map.”


Detective’s Hunch is another great totem hunting perk because it is active for 10 seconds, and if another generator is popped while it is active, the duration is refreshed. While Detective’s Hunch is active make sure to run around to find as many totems as possible. You can easily find all five totems with one use of Detective’s Hunch. Just make sure to remember where you saw their auras, or equip a map that you can use to check the locations of totems you saw.  

Counterforce is one of Jill Valentine’s unique perks. Here is what it does: “You cleanse totems 20% faster. After cleansing a totem, you see the aura of the furthest totem from you for 2/3/4 seconds and you gain an additional 20% stackable speed bonus to cleansing totems for the remainder of the trial. 

Counterforce is more useful for cleansing totems than for finding them. Since Counterforce shows you the furthest totem you have to often travel across the map to get to the totem you saw. By the time you get there, you may not remember exactly where the aura is.


Items and Add-ons to Find Totems 

Perks are not the only ways Survivors can find totems. Survivors can use the uncommon Map add-on Red Twine which unlocks the Map’s ability to track Killer belongings, or the ultra-rare Rainbow Map which has the ability to track Killer belongings built-in. Just be warned the Map will not automatically show you totems – it will only show totems that you have walked by.  

The Rainbow Map starts with three objects tracked. This is randomized between all the items the Rainbow Map can track, so it is possible it will not have a totem location available right away.


This is everything you need to know about finding totems in Dead by Daylight. To see more totem locations in-game, check out my video showcasing all these tips in action.

How to find Totems in Dead by Daylight!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight guides!

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