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How to flashlight save in Dead by Daylight

Being able to flashlight save is an important skill in Dead by Daylight. After all, saving a Survivor from the Killer’s shoulder is quite powerful. However, performing a successful flashlight save takes spot-on timing and lots of practice, and learning how to do it correctly can be quite the challenge. This is where I come in: I am going to help you out and make sure you nail that flashlight save every time!

When it comes to choosing a flashlight for saves, which one you use does not matter. Each flashlight takes the same amount of time to blind the Killer, and no add-ons affect blind speed. Choosing your flashlight just determines up to how many times you want to be able to blind the Killer. The very rare utility flashlight is the best, because it has 12 seconds of use. However, you may have a small supply of them or do not want to risk losing them. So using a common flashlight with 8 seconds of use is fine.

As for add-ons, there are many that can make the game harder for the Killer, mostly by increasing the duration of the blind, and giving the Survivor you save extra time to escape. There are also add-ons that can increase the durability of flashlights. The best add-on combination for flashlight saving is the rare Intense Halogen and rare Long Life Battery. The Intense Halogen will increase the blind duration, and the Long Life Battery adds 6 seconds of use to the flashlight.

If you are low on add-ons, other options you can use are the uncommon Focus Lens and uncommon Heavy Duty Battery. These are the weaker version of the Intense Halogen and Long Life Battery.

There is also an add-on I recommend you never use: the ultra rare Odd Bulb. This add-on depletes your flashlight faster, and the effects it gives are not really worth it.

flashlight save dead by daylight

With your flashlight of choice equipped, now it is time to flashlight save someone. In a trial, you will want to keep an eye out for someone that needs saving. A perk that helps with this is Claudette’s perk Empathy. What Empathy does is reveal the aura of injured Survivors within 64/96/128 meters. This allows you to know exactly when someone is in danger, giving you the time you need to get to the Survivor just in time to save them.

When the Survivor being chased goes into the dying state, do not run in front of the Killer right away. Many times the Killer will search the area before picking up a Survivor, so find a good place to hide while the Killer looks. Then when the Killer goes to pick up the Survivor, be ready to run. The second you see the pick-up animation, run in front of the Killer.

Here is where timing is crucial. Blind too early and you will fail. The same goes if you blind the Killer too late. To time the blind correctly, watch the animation of the Killer picking up the Survivor. The second the Survivor is on the Killer’s shoulder, you have to start the blind. Aim towards the Killer’s chin or center of their face. If you timed it correctly, you will blind the Killer, who will then drop the Survivor they just picked up.

To see examples of successful flashlight blinds check out my video below!

How to Flashlight Save in Dead by Daylight

Be aware, that short Killers – namely Spirit, Hag, Freddy, Legion, Pig, and Blight – have weird hitboxes when it comes to blinding them. With them you have to aim higher to blind them. Aiming right at their eyes or just above their head works most of the time. But do not be surprised if your blinds miss on these Killers.

I hope this guide has helped you out, and thanks for reading. If you need help with other mechanics in Dead by Daylight, check out my other guides. I go over who the strongest Killers are, what the best perks are, and much more!

Good luck getting your flashlight saves, and stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight content.

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