How to get 5 IV Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Getting 5 IV Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is no easy task, but it is possible. While there is no competitive bracket, it is still fun to battle players online with Pokemon you trained. Plus, obtaining Pokemon with great IVs will make battling the Elite 4 again – as well as the Battle Tower – a bit easier.

Let’s see how you can obtain the perfect IVs for your Pokemon. 

Step 1: Judge function and getting Dittos 

First you will want to make sure to have the Judge function, as it will allow you to see the IVs of your Pokemon. To get this you must first beat the game and then go to the Fight Area. Then go North towards the Battle Area and enter the Battle Tower. Inside towards the right there is an NPC with purple hair and a scientist. Talk to the scientist and he will unlock the Judge function for you. Now you will have to get some Dittos, because Ditto can breed with any Pokemon. You can catch Dittos on route 214 with the Pokeradar.  

But you do not want just any old Ditto. You want a Ditto with three perfect IVs or more, though even a Ditto with one or two perfect IVs can be useful. All you need is enough Dittos to have a perfect IV in every category. There is a different battle start animation when you encounter a Pokemon with two or more perfect IVs: the game will zoom in on your character before switching to the battlefield.


So how can you obtain these Dittos? You do it with chain hunting with the Pokeradar. If you do not know how chain hunting works, I have prepared a separate guide that covers it in detail. Having the app to track how high your chain is will be helpful here, but is not necessary. 

As you grow the Ditto chain higher you increase the chances of getting Dittos with perfect IVs. You are only guaranteed a one IV Ditto at 20, a two IV ditto at 30, and a three IV Ditto at the 40th encounter on your chain. Unlike in other Pokemon games, the Pokemon you find in between these points will not have guaranteed perfect IVs. So it might be worth it to break your chain once you hit 40 if you are trying to get Dittos quickly.  

If you want to get a Ditto with 5 IVs then you have to reach 100 in your chain. This is a near impossible task given that there is a 7% chance for your chain to break after every encounter, regardless of how perfectly well you play. This is what makes perfect IV Pokemon so difficult to obtain in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.   

Step 2: Get the Destiny Knot and Everstone 

Once you have your Dittos it is time to get the Destiny Knot. This is an essential item to breed perfect IV Pokemon. It guarantees that 5 IVs from the parent holding it will be passed to the egg. Normally only three IVs from the parents are passed down. In order to get the Destiny Knot you must beat the Elite 4 and have the National Pokedex unlocked. 

When you meet those requirements, fly over to the Pokemon League. Then go South and enter the Victory Road cave. Now go south and rock climb down the cliff, but don’t jump down. Instead go left, and then go up where you see the group of three rocks. Keep going until you get to the NPC with the red pants and go up the stairs he is standing next to. Follow this path across the bridge and you will come to a tunnel opening. 

This leads to another tunnel opening, and when you enter this one you are met with a foggy room. Defog the area and you will see an NPC that will ask to journey with you through the cave. You will have to battle a lot of trainers here, but the NPC will heal your Pokemon after every battle. Walk with her to the end of the cave, and take the exit.


Now you will be above ground in a new area which is route 224. Follow the path to the beach, then go North until you see the dragon trainer NPC spinning in circles. Next to him will be the Destiny Knot, now it is time to get an Everstone if you do not have one already. This item will guarantee the parent’s nature will be passed down. 

You can find Everstones randomly while digging in the Grand Underground. Another option is to catch Geodudes in the Grand Underground, because they have a 5% chance of holding one. There is one guaranteed way to get an Everstone. Fly to Snowpoint City and go to the house that is to the top left of the gym. Inside there is an NPC named Mindy who wants a Medicham – if you give her one she trades you a Haunter holding an Everstone.    

Step 3: Get the Nature you want 

Now you need to choose which Pokemon you want to breed. It is important to make sure the Pokemon has the correct nature. The easiest way to get the nature you want is by using a Pokemon that has the ability Synchronize. What Synchronize does is give a 50% chance that the Pokemon you encounter will have the same nature as the Synchronize Pokemon. This only works if the Synchronize Pokemon is the first one in your party.  

Synchronize works slightly differently in certain situations though. If you are in the Grand Underground, Synchronize will apply to all the generated Pokemon in the room when you enter, and this will only happen if the Synchronize Pokemon is the first in your party. This is because all of the moves, abilities, and stats of Pokemon are generated the second they spawn in the Grand Underground.    

Synchronize also does not work that well while chain hunting. Currently, the Synchronize ability will only apply to the first Pokemon you battle in a chain, but after that all their natures are random. This could be fixed in a future patch though.


I use the Ralts evolution line as my Synchronize Pokemon. You can find Ralts by chain hunting them on route 204, or you can find them in the Grand Underground in Fountainspring Cave, Dazzling Cave, or Stargleam Cavern. If you have a psychic or fairy Statue Effect will help you find Ralts faster. Alternatively, breeding a bunch of Ralts may be faster than catching them. Other Pokemon with Synchronize are the Abra evolution line, Mew, Umbreon, Espeon, and the Natu evolution line.

In my case, what I wanted to breed first is a Magikarp, so I made sure to get an Adamant one using Synchronize. Then I had to give the Adamant Magikarp the Everstone, and put it in the daycare with a Ditto. 

Step 4: The Process 

The next step will take the longest, as it is time to breed Pokemon and hatch eggs. Before starting make sure to have a Flame Body Pokemon such as Magby, Magmar, Slugma, Magcargo, Magmortar, Ponyta, or Rapidash. Be aware that for Ponyta and Rapidash this is a Hidden Ability. There is also a daycare Poketch app that tells you when you have an egg. However, it is pretty useless because it only shows you the egg if you go into or out of a building, or tap the Poketch screen. I recommend using the Pokemon List app instead, so you can just pick up eggs without having to pay attention to your party space.

Now, onto the egg hatching process. I will be using Magikarp to explain this process. First, you put one three-IV Ditto into the daycare with a Destiny Knot, and a Magikarp with the correct nature holding the Everstone. My Ditto’s best IVs are in HP, Attack, and Defense. Then you start hatching eggs until you get a Magikarp with the three IVs the Ditto has, which in this case is HP, Attack, and Defense.

Now you can switch that Ditto out for your other three-IV Ditto, or any Ditto that has perfect IVs in the other stats. I used a Ditto with perfect IVs in Defense, Sp. Defense, and Speed since I had no other options. Then switch out the Magikarp in the daycare with the Magikarp that has the three perfect IVs in HP, Attack, and Defense. Remember to give it the Everstone as well to pass on its nature. 


What will happen is most of the IVs the offspring have will come from the Ditto with the Destiny Knot. But some IVs from the other parent have the chance of getting passed down as well. There will also be one randomized IV that is not taken from any parent. So you are basically trying to get the perfect IV combination of both parents, and maybe you get lucky and RNG gives you one perfect IV.   

For the next step you have a few different options. First, you could hatch eggs until you get a 4 IV Magikarp. Alternatively, you can hatch eggs until you get a three-IV Magikarp that matches the new Ditto’s IVs. Then you can give this Magikarp a Destiny Knot and put it in the daycare. The advantage of this method is that Pokemon often breed faster with their own species, and breed slower with Dittos. So doing this can give you eggs faster.  

I bred my HP, Attack, and Defense Magikarp with my Defense, Sp. Defense, and Speed Magikarp. These two produced a 4 IV Magikarp with Attack, Defense, Sp. Defense, and Speed. I can now give 4 IV Magikarp the Destiny Knot and take out one of the other Magikarps; in your case, if you have a Ditto in there you may want to take that out.

Now you need to make sure the other Magikarp has perfect IVs where the 4 IV Magikarp does not. In my case, I got a Magikarp that had HP, Defense, and Speed and gave it an Everstone to breed with the 4 IV Magikarp. As you breed it is possible to get another 4 IV Magikarp, and if you are lucky it has different perfect IVs than the other one. This will allow you to put two 4 IV Magikarp into the daycare and increase your chances of getting a 5 IV one.


In my case, I did manage to get a 4 IV Magikarp with HP, Attack, Defense, and Speed. This Magikarp was also the exact gender I needed, so I was able to have two 4 IV Magikarp in the daycare. After hatching a bunch of eggs I finally got my 5 IV Magikarp with IVs in HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Defense, and Speed.

If you want to, you can invest some more time to try and get a 6-IV Pokemon. This will be entirely up to RNG because only 5 IVs will ever get passed down, so that final IV is random luck.

This is how you can get 5 IV Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. All it takes is some time, and a bit of luck, and you will have the perfect Pokemon for your team. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Pokemon guides 

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