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How to get and grow all crops in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Several new crops were added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the big 2.0 update, and I will tell you how to get and grow them. The new crops are potatoes, carrots, wheat, sugar cane, and tomatoes. There is one more crop – pumpkins – but they were in the game before the update. All of these crops are essential ingredients for the new cooking feature. The question is how, can do you get them? 

How to get crops 

You cannot buy crop seeds from Nook’s Cranny, except for pumpkins which are only available in October. To get the rest of the crops you must buy them from the traveling merchant Leif. You can get Leif permanently on Harv’s island so you do not have to wait for him to visit. I go over how to unlock Leif in my guide about unlocking shops 

Once you find Leif you can take a look at what he has in stock. He will only sell two types of crop seeds at a time. In his shop the seeds are called pumpkin start, tomato start, wheat start, carrot start, sugar cane start, and seed potato. Unfortunately, his stock does not change every day, but rather every Monday. Without time-travel it can take a long time to get all the seeds you want.

Luckily there is another way to obtain crops if Leif does not have what you need.


This alternate method of obtaining crops does take a lot of RNG, and involves going on Kapp’n boat tours. Make sure you have a lot of open space before leaving, because Kapp’n can take you to mystery islands that are full of one type of crop. Just make sure to bring a shovel and ladder so you can get around the island, and dig up crops. There is a tomato island, carrot island, wheat island, potato island, sugar cane island, and pumpkin island. 

I recommend to dig up all these crops, but do not pick them as that will take up more inventory space. Once you take the crops back to your island you can plant them, and then pick them.

There is more to do after planting the crops.  

How to grow your crops 

How you care for your crops determines how much they will yield. If you just plant them and do not care for them, they will only yield one item. However, if you water them at least once you will get two items. To get the maximum yield of three, you will have to water your crops one time on two separate days before they finish growing. You can tell that you successfully watered a crop if it sparkles.   

When you plant crop seeds they start their four-stage growth cycle. Crops will start off on day one as a small sprout, day two as a medium sprout, day three as a large sprout, and day four as a ripe plant that can be picked.

If you pick the produce off your crops, they will revert to the medium sprout stage, and you will need to water them again as they grow to maximize your yield. It will take two days for the crop to become ripe again.


One crop that is slightly different than the rest is pumpkins. There are four different colors of pumpkin: orange, green, yellow, and white. However, there is no way to tell which color a pumpkin start will turn into when planted. You need to plant a bunch of them and hope for the best. Then you can organize the pumpkin crops once they are fully grown.  

Once you start your farm you will have all the produce you could ever need. Crops can be grown in any type of weather, and never rot like turnips. You will be able to benefit from your crops year-round. You also do not have to worry about destroying your crops by running through them.

This is how you can get and grow all the crops in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Animal Crossing: New Horizons guides.

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