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How to get and use Faction Seals in New World

New World has been out for some time now and for some reason, no one seems to be paying attention to Faction Seals, which leads me to believe a lot of players don’t know what they are or how to use them. For that reason, today I will be showing you how to get and use Faction Seals in New World.

What are Faction Seals and where to get them?

Faction Seals are not being discussed at all in New World which is crazy in my mind since they are incredibly important. Faction Seals are items that you equip on your Armor, via the workbench. They significantly improve players’ Defense and Armor stats.

Right now, each Seal costs around 100 Faction points, but with the game’s development and new patches, this might change. The only way for you to get your hands on a Faction Seal is to head on over to a Faction Vendor and buy it from them.

How to equip Faction Seals?

Once you’ve bought a Faction Seal, head over to the correct workbench, a.k.a. the one corresponding to your type of Armor.

Once there, unequip your Armor as the Seal cannot be applied to the Armor if it is equipped. Also, keep in mind that the Seals destroy Armor Gems, so make sure to choose Armor with no embedded Gems beforehand.

Different seals will provide different bonuses. Choose the one you want, open the crafting menu, select the piece of Armor you want to use the Seal on, craft, and voilà: better stats!

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