How to get Apricorn Pokeballs in Pokemon The Isle of Armor DLC

Being able to create Apricorn Pokeballs has finally made its return in Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s The Isle of Armor DLC. Each Apricorn Pokeball has a unique style and plays a special animation when the Pokemon comes out. Additionally you can see the Apricorn Pokeball whenever the Pokemon inside Dynamaxes or Gigantamaxes.

The Apricorn Pokeballs are the Heavy Ball, Lure Ball, Friend Ball, Love Ball, Level Ball, Fast Ball, and Moon Ball. So how can you create your dream Apricorn Pokeball?

Well, you create Apricorn Pokeballs in the Cram-o-matic inside the Dojo on the Isle of Armor. You will have to put 4 Apricorns into it for a chance at getting an Apricorn Pokeball. The color of the Apricorns does matter, as it determines which Apricorn Pokeball you can get. It also determines the other potential Pokeballs you can get from that color of Apricorn. You know right away if you got an Apricorn Ball, because the ball will have a rainbow color to it.

apricorn pokeballs the isle of armor

All Apricorns have a chance of creating a Pokeball, Great Ball, Safari Ball, and Sport Ball, so I will exclude them from the lists.

  • Black Apricorns create the Dusk, Luxury, and Heavy Ball
  • Blue Apricorns create the Dive, Net, and Lure Ball
  • Green Apricorns create the Ultra, Nest, and Friend Ball
  • Pink Apricorns create the Ultra, Heal, and Love Ball
  • Red Apricorns create the Ultra, Repeat, and Level Ball
  • White Apricorns create the Premier, Timer, and Fast Ball
  • Yellow Apricorns create the Ultra, Quick, and Moon Ball

So what are the chances of getting each Pokeball? After all, you are only guaranteed one of these Pokeballs each time you use the Cram-o-matic – although there is a small chance the Cram-o-matic will spit out 5 of the same item instead of only one.

For most of the Pokeballs, excluding the Apricorn Pokeballs, Safari Ball, and Sport Ball, there is a 24.95% chance to get them. But there is only a 1% chance to get an Apricorn Pokeball, and a 0.1% chance to get the Safari Ball or Sport Ball.

apricorn grid

What about combining various colors of Apricorns – for example, putting a Blue, Red, Green, and White Apricorn into the Cram-o-matic? The interaction is quite complex. Basically, putting in different Apricorn colors will combine all their loot tables and the game will then recalculate the spawn rates of the various Pokeballs. It will divide the base chances of a certain Pokeball spawning by the amount of different Apricorns you put in.

If you put in a Red Apricorn and a Blue Apricorn, there will be a 25% chance for a Pokeball or Great Ball to spawn. This is because these Pokeballs are shared across all Apricorn loot tables, so their spawn rates will always be the same. So this is also true for the Safari and Sport Balls – these always have a 0.1% chance to spawn.

But what about the other Pokeballs that can spawn? There will be a 0.5% chance to get a Level Ball or Lure Ball, which are the two Apricorn Pokeballs in this loot table. Then there will be a 12.48% chance for the Ultra, Repeat, Dive, and Net Balls to spawn.

love ball

That is an example with only two different Apricorns. If you put in three different colors, such as Red, Blue and White, here is how things change. There will be a 0.33% chance for the Level, Lure, and Fast Ball to spawn. For the Repeat, Ultra, Dive, Net, Premier, and Timer Balls they will have a 8.3% chance to spawn.

As for four different colors – Red, Blue, White, and Black – the odds are changed up even more. For your Apricorn Pokeballs in this group, which are the Level, Lure, Fast, and Heavy Ball, they have a 0.25% chance of spawning. Then the Ultra, Repeat, Dive, Net, Premier, Timer, Dusk, and Luxury Balls will have a 6.24% chance of spawning.

So combining various colors of Apricorns does not increase your chances of getting Apricorn Pokeballs. If you are looking to get a specific Apricorn Pokeball, then using just one color is your best choice.

cram o matic apricorn pokeballs Isle of Armor

With such low chances, you will need to use a lot of Apricorns to get even one Apricorn Pokeball. The process will not be easy. You can shake trees every day to stock up on Apricorns – if you need help finding them, check out my berry tree guide.

It looks like Game Freak wanted to keep Apricorn Pokeballs as a rare item. Even though you can get them through the Cram-o-matic, it is still up to chance. And even though the Cram-o-matic is certainly better than farming the Pokemon league for Apricorn Pokeballs, it does not make them much easier to get.

This comes as a disappointment to many players, who thought Apricorn Pokeballs would be much easier to get in The Isle of Armor. But at the same time, these Apricorn Pokeballs retain their unique flare this way. Being rare means you will not see them that much. So when you do see that someone has a Pokemon in an Apricorn Pokeball, you know it is a special thing.

This also means that they can be used as a currency among Pokemon players, who are willing to trade good Pokemon or items for an Apricorn Pokeball.

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