How to get better Minecraft Dungeons gear using Daily Trials

Minecraft Dungeons’ latest update includes Daily Trials. These added challenges incentivize players to keep coming back for more. They also add a new way to obtain high-end gear.

Daily Trials are a part of the September update, which was also a part of the Creeping Winter DLC. These challenges incorporate existing levels with added modifiers. Each trial refines the gameplay mechanics in positive and negative ways. Depending on the specific modifiers, you may want to change up your loadout.

The completion of Minecraft Dungeons’ Daily Trials will reward you with high-end gear. Rewards consist of a mix of weapons, armor, and artifacts. Normally, what you’ll discover is that the rewards are of a higher rating than the drops you’ll find in regular levels, even on Apocalypse.

I’ll detail how to pick up Daily Trials and what to expect when completing them in our Minecraft Dungeons guide.

How to start a Daily Trial

To begin grinding the trials, you must make sure you have downloaded the September update. While Daily Trials can be completed solo or in co-op, a persistent internet connection is required for the trials to update.

From there, you’ll be able to find four Daily Trials on the mission selection map menu. Each day, two Daily Trials will appear on the Mainland map. One additional trial will be available on each of the Island Realms (assuming you have both pieces of DLC installed).

Daily Trials update each day at midnight, and will give you a new assortment of modifiers for different missions.

Completing Daily Trials

For the most part, it’s business as usual when it comes to mission objectives. If you’ve already gotten into the swing of repeating missions to grind for gear, you’ll likely be familiar with the structure of most levels.

The huge difference will be the level modifiers. In my personal experience, each Daily Trial has three modifiers. They can be a mix of two positive modifiers and one negative, or vice versa. Before accepting and beginning your run, you may want to consider changing your loadout to accommodate any negative modifiers.

The modifiers in place a seemingly randomized each day. For instance, at the time of writing, the Daily Trial for Lone Fortress was as followed:

  • 50% of ranged mobs have the Multishot enchantment (Negative)
  • Players have the Recycler enchantment equipped (Positive)
  • 50% of melee mobs are replaced with Skeleton (Negative)

In this instance, it may be advantageous to equip weapons, armor, and artifacts that are built for long-range defense and offense. As half the ranged mobs will have the Multishot enchantment, players would be wise to have a roll buff equipped. Additionally, the Recycler enchantment that’s automatically equipped means players should use the bow, as arrows have a chance of being replenished after use.

Rewards to expect

As with the modifiers, the rewards for successfully completing Daily Trials are randomized each day. If you are grinding towards a certain piece of gear, the Daily Trial description is worth reading.

Under the list of modifiers, the Selection tab will list which category of gear you will get. Daily Trials will grant you with Rare items or Unique items. Either way, the gear you receive will be of a higher-end than those commonly found throughout the level.

Competition rewards won’t be the only items you gain from completing Daily Trials in Minecraft Dungeons. The standard gear drops are still found and all possible items are listed in the selection tab as you’d normally find.

The addition of Daily Trials in Minecraft Dungeons has been really refreshing, especially when considering the game’s longevity. While the mission objectives remain the same, the added challenges can ramp up the difficulty. This encourages you to alter builds and create new playstyles.

With the Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter DLC behind us, Daily Trials will be what tides us over until future content plans are announced.

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