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The Minecraft Dungeons Flames of the Nether DLC has added new content, including valuable Gilded gear, and we’ll guide you through how to obtain it. Gilded items are a brand new tier, higher than legendary, and can be associated with armor and weapons.

Gilded gear is the new loot type introduced in the Flames of the Nether DLC. They are incredibly rare and offer unique benefits on top of the higher defensive or offensive rates you’ll find in common-legendary gear. This article will guide you through the best methods to acquire Gilded gear, and break down its benefits in Minecraft Dungeons.

What is Gilded gear

Gilded gear can first be discovered once the Flames of the Nether DLC has been purchased and installed; it’s treated as the highest tier of loot currently available in Minecraft Dungeons, and provides enhanced benefits beyond its base stats and RNG enhancement possibilities.

You’ll know when you have acquired a piece of Gilded gear when you search your inventory and come across an item highlighted in gold. As opposed to a common, which shows as grey, or a legendary, which is orange, a Gilded item has an indistinguishable gold highlight and will also be noted as being Gilded near the item’s name.

The particular Battle Robe in the picture above offeres a sizeable bonus to health and increased melee damage. Aside from my chosen enhancements, the Battle Robe also offered a significant cooldown on my artifacts thanks to the Gilded-specific bonus.

Where to obtain Gilded gear

Unlike any other piece of gear in Minecraft Dungeons, you must embark on specific mission types in order to grind for Gilded gear. Included in the Flames of the Nether DLC are mission types called Ancient Hunts. It is here that you’ll be able to find Gilded items.

Ancient Hunts are an endgame mission type, and players must permanently sacrifice their own gear to gain access to it. The difficulty and extent of the possible loot drops are determined by how many enhancement points are attributed to the offered gear. Within an Ancient Hunt, players must go toe-to-toe against a variety of enemies. Throughout the level, players can hope to find Gilded gear as random loot drops.

Loot drops aren’t the only way to obtain Gilded gear. This piece of DLC introduces the sixth merchant to the Minecraft Dungeons hub world. After completing your first Ancient Hunt, the Pilgrim Merchant is unlocked and will be located next to the Ancient Hunt portal.

Speaking to the Pilgrim Merchant, you can purchase Gilded gear for gold – more on that below. At first, the Pilgrim Merchant will only offer one item until the vendor reset takes place. By completing additional Ancient Hunts, the opportunity to unlock additional vendor slots will open up. Once three Ancient Hunts are completed, the Pilgrim Merchant will sell two Gilded items at a time. After your fifteenth Ancient Hunt, the total will be raised to three.

Grinding for gold

Gold is the new in-game currency introduced through the DLC. While we’re all so used to hoarding emeralds to purchase new items, gold is reserved only for Gilded gear. Thus, grinding for gold is the only way to purchase items from the Pilgrim Merchant.

As for how you get gold, we once again go back to the Ancient Hunts. Similar to random Gilded gear drops, Ancient Hunts will provide gold naturally as you run through. The more difficult the Hunt is, the more gold can be found. Gold is significantly harder to come by when compared to Emeralds. However, the new system feels balanced, as the threshold of gold needed to purchase Gilded gear is lower.

Grinding through difficult Ancient Hunts will give you a significant amount of gold. There is a guaranteed reward of 10 gold each time you complete an Ancient Hunt. Additionally, you can salvage unwanted Gilded gear you come across to obtain a few pieces of gold.

And there you have it! Hopefully this guide has helped your understand how to get Gilded gear in the Minecraft Dungeons Flame of the Nether DLC.

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