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How to get Gyroids in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Gyroids have finally been added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These funky-looking noisemakers have always been part of Animal Crossing, and it is great to have them back. Not only do Gyroids make unique sounds, but they have several new looks. Players can also use customization kits to change the colors of their Gyroids, so they can match your desired themes. So, how can you obtain these Gyroids? 

It is possible to find Gyroids by digging up the X-marked areas on your island, but there is a catch. Gyroids can only spawn after it has rained or snowed. Whenever you happen to get a rainy or snowy day I suggest digging up all the X marks on your island. This will make it much easier to find Gyroids the next day.  

If you did not know, four X marks appear on your island every day. Do not worry if you skipped some days, as these X marks keep spawning whether you have dug up the previous day’s marks or not. Normally only fossils spawn here, and this is why you want to remove all the excess marks. That way when the day comes you will know where Gyroids will be waiting for you.  

When a new day begins you can search your island for the X marks. Do not be surprised if you find some fossils instead of Gyroids, they do share the spawn. In effect, it is possible to only get one Gyriod after a rainy day if you are unlucky. This method of finding Gyroids involves a lot of RNG, but there is a guaranteed way to get at least one Gyroid a day.


In order to get this guaranteed Gyroid you must have access to Kapp’n, who will be docked at your island’s pier. You do not need to do anything special for Kapp’n to appear. If you do not see him then you must progress further into the main storyline of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Once you find Kapp’n you can talk to him and go on a boat tour. You can only go on one boat tour a day, and each one costs 1,000 Nook Miles. When Kapp’n has been paid he will take you to a new type of mystery island.  

Every mystery island that Kapp’n takes you to will have one X mark. Find it and dig it up to obtain a Gyroid fragment. This is the key to getting one Gyroid every day. After finding the Gyroid fragment take it back to your island. Then find a spot to bury the fragment.

Once it has been buried, you must water it like a flower. You will know if you successfully watered the Gyroid because you will occasionally see water bubbling up through the X. This effect can be hard to see, but it is visible if you look closely.

Now you just have to wait for the next day, or time-travel if you cannot wait. Then you can dig up the Gyroid and it will be fixed, and you can place it wherever you want.


When placed on the ground you can turn Gyroids on or off with the A button. There is also a hidden feature of the Gyroids. If you have a radio playing one of K.K. Slider’s songs, they will sing with it. You can create a small band of Gyroids to play your favorite tunes. If you turn the music off, the Gyroids will start making their own music with each other.  

These Gyroids have a lot of unique shapes and sounds, and are definitely worth collecting in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

I hope this guide has helped you out! Stay tuned for more Animal Crossing: New Horizons guides.    

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