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How to get resources in Lord of the Rings: Rise to War fast

The old world will burn in the fires of industry.

Lord of the Rings Rise to War is the new official LOTR mobile strategy game on the block. Players assign their Commanders to take over new territories, expanding their settlements to dominate the map in Middle Earth. Domination costs a significant amount of resources, and lacking resources can handicap your progress climbing the ladder. We’ll check out the best ways to earn resources in Lord of the Rings: Rise to War.

Capture any and every Power Tile

LOTR Rise to War rewards capturing Power Tiles by increasing your passive resource income. Each tile provides a different rate of income and resources. Every tile is extremely valuable no matter the Power level, so don’t get too picky when taking over different tiles across the map. Make sure to keep a diverse selection of tiles to ensure a prosperous but balanced income across wood, stone, ore, and grain.

Tribute buildings

Power Tiles are one-half of the resource equation in LOTR Rise to War. The other half is tribute buildings within your settlement. Make sure to build those early, and upgrade them often. Each upgrade boosts your resource income by 500 depending on which tribute you’re upgrading. The upgrade will pay itself off in less than a day, so it’s a no-brainer to invest into the infrastructure that powers your army and settlement.

Collect all your rewards

It’s pure insanity how many different rewards channels there are in LOTR: Rise to War. There are rewards tabs in the Chapters, Events button, Daily Discount in the Store, Mathom Peddler, Tavern, and sometimes goodies in your Items tab. Make sure to make a habit of exploring and learning every section in this game to take advantage of all the rewards LOTR: Rise to War is trying to give you between all the items, boosts, resources, and weapons.


Use the Market to your advantage by trading resources and taking advantage of lucrative deals. There are often exchanges that leverage one resource against another, giving you up to double in return. For example, the Market can offer a deal with you for 50k grain for 100k of stone. No matter the resource, there’s always a benefit to hoarding what you can, when you can.

Gather resources

Put your Commander to work by ordering them and their Army to gather resources from a particular Power Tile. This will boost production for the set time it takes them to complete gathering resources. It’s a fantastic way to boost production when you’re about to hop offline for an extended period of time.

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