How to get Sewing Kits in Escape From Tarkov

A recent Escape from Tarkov has introduced a number of useful new items, including the elusive Sewing Kits. Today, we are exploring just how you can get your hands on Sewing Kits in Escape from Tarkov.

What are Sewing Kits and how can you use them?

The name says pretty much all: Sewing Kits are a special resource in the game that allows players to craft hideout items (Lavatory Level 2) and for trading. What can you trade when you have a Sewing Kit? Well, you can get the Eagle Industries MMAC Plate Carrier or the FirstSpear Strandhogg Plate Carrier.

Whether you are using the Sewing Kit to craft items or to trade, you will definitely find them useful – which is why they are not particularly easy to find.

Where to look out for Sewing Kits?

Escape from Tarkov players are having a hard time finding Sewing Kits but the truth is there are a bunch of different spots where you can search for them. However, keep in mind that they can be only be found as either loose loot or ground loot.

You will usually find some on metal shelves in the Goshan Docks. Interchange is also a great place to find Sewing Kits. If neither of those places has Sewing Kits, you can also try out the Lighthouse Resort. They don’t spawn in the same location every time, so you will have to look around for a while.

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