How to get Spiritomb in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

You can once again catch Spiritomb in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. However, the rules to making Spiritomb appear are slightly different this time around. Let’s see how you can make Spiritomb appear so that you can catch it.

The first thing you need to do is obtain the Odd Keystone. This is an item you cannot get until after you beat the second gym, and get your bike. You can get the Odd Keystone in the area right before Hearthome City. In a corner next to some trees there will be an NPC, and if you talk to him, he will give you the Odd Keystone. 

Once you have the Odd Keystone you can make your way to route 209. The entrance to route 209 is in the bottom right of Hearthome City.  Follow the path until it ends and you will find a small stone tower. Interact with the stone tower, and you will place the Odd Keystone inside.  

The next step is going to take the longest, as you have to talk to 32 different NPCs in the grand underground. Unfortunately talking to other players does not count like it did in the original games. These various NPCs are also tough to find because the grand underground is so large. Plus you can encounter the same NPCs multiple times, which makes the hunt for different NPCs much harder.

Talking to the vendors in the grand underground does not count towards this progress to access Spiritomb.


I have found there is only one NPC in every network of tunnels – here is what I mean by that. If you look at the map you will notice many tunnels are connected together. However, at some point, the tunnels are separated by Pokemon Hideaways. It is possible to get the NPC in a given tunnel network to change if you have the patience for it. To do this you have to constantly enter and exit Pokemon Hideaways, Secret Bases, or the Grand Underground. This can take 20+ tries, depending on how lucky you get.

 An easier method to find NPCs when you first start is by searching every tunnel network. I recommend writing down the names of NPCs you talk to as you go, since you can encounter the same NPC multiple times. So all you have to do is search one network of tunnels at a time for each NPC. Once you find that NPC you can move on to the next network of tunnels. With this method, you can slowly mark off each area of the grand underground that you have searched.

If you find a vendor, do not worry, because they do not share spawns with the NPCs you have to talk to. Just remember to not enter any Pokemon Hideaways or Secret Bases as you search, since NPCs will change their locations every time you do so. Once you have searched each tunnel network, you can go back and try to find NPCs you have not talked to.

In the image below I have circled on the map the location of some tunnel networks, to help you identify them yourself.


With this way of counting NPCs, there are 10 NPCs in the main grand underground area you can access from most parts of the map. There are 7 NPCs in the bottom left area which you can access from Ramanas Park, Twinleaf Town, Canalave City, and their adjoining routes. There is one NPC in the middle area which you can access from Celestic Town.

There are 5 NPCs in the top left area which you can access from Snowpoint City, Full Moon Island, and their adjoining routes. There are 5 NPCs in the bottom right area which you can access from Sunnyshore City. Finally there are 7 NPCs in the top right area which you can access from the Battle Zone. Being able to access these other areas will make your NPC search easier, but it is not necessary to unlock Spiritomb.

Something else to know is that these NPCs spawn uniquely for each player. Just because you found Seamus in a specific tunnel network in your game, does not mean your friend can find him in the same tunnel network. NPC spawns are randomized for every person, making Spiritomb a real challenge to summon.

With enough time you will manage to talk to 32 different NPCs. You can check your progress by going back to the stone tower on route 209. When you interact with the stone tower you will get a unique line of text.

  • If you talked to 0-7 NPCs it will say “It appears to have been built many years ago.” 
  • If you talked to 8-14 NPCs it will say “Its stones appear to have shifted…” 
  • If you talked to 15-21 NPCs it will say “…Is that crying coming from inside the tower?” 
  • If you talked to 22-28 NPCs it will say “Is the tower shaking ever so slightly?” 
  • If you talked to 29-31 NPCs it will say “There is some sort of presence…It appears ready to emerge!” 
  • If you talked to 32+ NPCs it will say “Yulaaah!” and then Spiritomb will engage in battle.


It is possible to shiny-hunt Spiritomb, so make sure to save your game before interacting with the stone tower. Make sure to have plenty of Pokeballs as well, and potions to keep your Pokemon healthy throughout the battle.

Something to keep in mind is that it is possible to get multiple Spiritombs. All you have to do is find another Odd Keystone while digging in the grand underground. Of course, you will have to put the Odd Keystone into the stone tower on route 209, and then talk to 32 NPCs all over again. If you do not mind the chore, that is an option if you just want to catch one Spiritomb for your team and shiny-hunt it later.  

This is how you can get Spiritomb in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Spiritomb is a strong Pokemon with great typing, and will be a welcome addition to any team.

I hope this guide has helped you out – stay tuned for more Pokemon guides!     

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  1. While most of the info is accurate there is one thing that isn’t. You can’t only find one npc per room. I got Spiritomb with two badges. You have to leave and re-enter every single area about 15+ times. There’s usually 3-7 npcs per area. Also, you can find more going underground in Floraroma using the same method.

    1. Ok, I only had my own game to go off of for this. I tried forcing different NPCs to spawn by going in/out of Pokemon Hideaways, Secret Bases, and leaving and re-entering the Grand Underground over 20 times. But I guess I was just super unlucky that my NPCs never changed. But I have seen the same NPC in two different hallways so I knew something was up. I will make sure to update the article as new information is revealed.

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