How to get the Ancient Fishing Pole in New World

Gathering is a big part of New World since the economy is mostly player-driven. From collecting herbs to chopping down trees or skinning animals, gathering in New World comes in many forms and generally requires the use of tools. Today we are going to show you how to get the Ancient Fishing Pole in New World.

What makes the Ancient Fishing Pole good?

Trying to fish high-tier fish with a beginner’s fishing pole is nearly impossible. You need a good fishing pole with a high enough gear score to be able to hold onto that fish. The Ancient Fishing Pole in New World has a gear score of 600, so you know it is good.

Additionally, this tool comes with a lot of cool perks:

  • Saltwaters Brawn III, which increases line strength in saltwater by 20%.
  • Sturdy III, which increases durability by 50%.
  • Daytime Colossus III, which provides a large boost and chance of catching larger fish during the daytime.
  • Lucky Night II, which provides a medium boost and chance of catching better fish during nighttime.
  • Suns Reach I, which increases cast distance during the day by 5%.

Where to find the Ancient Fishing Pole in New World

The Ancient Fishing Pole binds on equip, so you cannot purchase it from the Trading Post or from another player. This item drops from Kisare the Taskmaster, who is located in the Amrine Temple in Windsward. Kisare is a level 32 boss with an incredible weakness to Lightning but very strong fire resistance.

This boss drops mostly T2 or T3 items from the very big list of rotating droppable items. What this means is that you might not get the Ancient Fishing Pole right away, and it might take a few (or a lot) of tries.

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