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How to get the Ancient Intentions Musket in New World

Muskets are powerful weapons in New World, allowing you to deal steady damage while staying far enough to avoid retribution. One of the best Muskets is the Ancient Intentions, but you will need to complete a specific Expedition to loot it. Here is how to get the Ancient Intentions Musket in New World.

What makes the Ancient Intentions Musket good?

The Ancient Intentions is one of the best Muskets available in New World. It comes with a +30 Dexterity boost, the primary stat for this type of weapon. The Ancient Intentions Musket also has strong perks for any sniper, increasing the accuracy and damage of your shots.

The Ancient Intentions Musket has three powerful perks:

  • Enchanted makes Light and Heavy attacks deal 9.6% more damage.
  • Vorpal increases headshot damage by +14%.
  • Accuracy grants +93% more accuracy.

Where to find the Ancient Intentions Musket in New World

The Ancient Intentions Musket is dropped by a single enemy: Cilla. This level 66 Ancient Guardian is the first boss from the Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition. Cilla has a lot of health but will not engage until you tell her you are ready to prove your worth. Make sure to prepare health potions and to eat something before you enter the fight.

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