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How to get the Azure Ravager Hatchet in New World

The Azure Ravager is a powerful epic hatchet available in New World. Not only does it look cool with its purple design and blue glowing touches, but it is also one of the most powerful weapons in New World at the moment.

What makes the Azure Ravager hatchet good?

The Azure Ravager is an endgame hatchet, with a gear score of 580. As is the case with all hatchets, Azure Ravager’s damage scales with 90% of your character’s strength and 65% of their dexterity.

The Azure Ravager has three powerful perks:

  • Empowered III converts 40% of damage to arcane. Damage scales off base weapon stat or intellect, whichever is higher.
  • Corrupted Bane deals +18.1% damage to corrupted enemies.
  • Energizing Feral Rush grants 17.6 stamina for each successful hit with Feral Rush.

Where to find the Azure Ravager hatchet in New World

Unlike the Needler rapier, the Azure Ravager hatchet is not available from the Trading Post. This weapon binds on pickup, meaning you cannot get it from another player.

The Azure Ravager hatchet is the reward of a specific quest, called Forging the Azure Ravager. You can get this quest from Ranger Eintou Madaki, a PNJ located in Mountainhome. This series of quests, which begins with Madaki’s Stratagem, will ask you to recover the components needed to create the Azure Ravager.

The entire series of quests to get the Azure Ravager hatchet is doable without other players. Most of the quests ask you to kill elite enemies from various levels. Some may prove challenging but can be killed without help. The hardest part is in the Shattered Mountain, where you need to kill 50 level 63+ elite mobs in the Scarred Mine. Be careful when pulling these enemies, or wait for another player to come nearby and help you.

Once you complete all the quests from Forging the Azure Ravager, you will receive this epic hatchet as a reward.

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