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How to get the Cauterization Fire Staff in New World

The Cauterization Fire Staff is one of the stronger legendary weapons in New World. This weapon helps casters stay alive longer while boosting their damage output. Here is how to get the Cauterization Fire Staff in New World.

What makes the Cauterization Fire Staff good?

The Cauterization Fire Staff gives +30 Constitution, the primary stat influencing a player’s maximum Health pool. Since Fire Staff users usually lack self-healing, the Cauterization Fire Staff is a good option that increases overall survivability and packs health-restoring perks on top.

The Cauterization Fire Staff comes with the following perks:

  • Vicious grants +11% critical damage.
  • Lifestealing gives back 5% of your damage as health. It does not trigger off persistent damage or DoT effects.
  • Mortal Lifesteal gives 4.8% health when you kill something, with a 5-second cooldown.

Where to find the Cauterization Fire Staff in New World

Just like the Conquest Hatchet, the Cauterization Fire Staff drops from War Spoils. You can loot these chests after completing a PvP activity in New World, such as a PvP War for a territory. War Spoils bind on pickup, and so does the Cauterization Fire Staff. To get the Cauterization Fire Staff, you need to complete PvP activities with a level 60 character until you get lucky.

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