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How to get the Creeping Recurve Bow in New World

The Creeping Recurve packs some of the best perks for a bow in New World, increasing damage to both single targets and large packs of enemies. Here is a complete guide on how to get the Creeping Recurve Bow in New World.

What makes the Creeping Recurve Bow good?

The Creeping Recurve Bow is one of the legendary Bows available in New World. It grants its user +30 Dexterity, the main stat improving the damage of a Bow.

Like all the legendary weapons, the Creeping Recurve Bow has a gem socket. However, this one isn’t empty by default. The Creeping Recurve Bow brings a Cruel IV gem, increasing damage by +12% against targets with an active Crowd Control status effect.

But what really sets the Creeping Recurve Bow apart are its perks:

  • Keenly Jagged inflicts the Bleed effect on critical hits; Bleed deals 7% weapon damage per second for 10 seconds, with a 10-second cooldown.
  • Chain Nature makes basic attack hits trigger a Nature chain that bounces between close targets, with a 2-second cooldown.
  • Keen grants +11% critical chance.

The Creeping Recurve Bow’s perks boost the critical chance of each attack, and these critical hits increase damage by 7%. Moreover, Chain Nature is a powerful AoE attack that helps deal with larger packs of mobs more easily.

Where to find the Creeping Recurve Bow in New World

The Creeping Recurve Bow is dropped by Taxodius, a boss from the Garden of Genesis Expedition.

The Garden of Genesis Expedition is located in North West Edengrove. It is only accessible for level-60 characters and has a chance to drop items with up to 600 Gear Score, so make sure to maximize your High Watermark before entering.

Like all Expeditions, you will need a Tuning Orb to enter the Garden of Genesis. Pack some health potions and eventually a Strong Angry Earth Coating to deal +11% damage to the Angry Earth mobs populating the Expedition.

Taxodius is the first boss of the Garden of Genesis. To deal with this Swamp Dryad Beast more easily, stun it to interrupt its attacks. This will leave the boss vulnerable for approximately 3 seconds, giving an opportunity for your team to deal extra damage while your healer can bring everybody back to full health.

Once Taxodius is defeated, it has a chance of dropping the Creeping Recurve Bow.

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