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How to get the Firebinder Fire Staff in New World

Fire Staffs are powerful weapons dealing devastating AoE damage. The Firebinder takes advantage of the strengths of Fire Staffs, boosting even further the default damage and mana regen rate. Here is how to get the Firebinder Fire Staff in New World.

What makes the Firebinder Fire Staff good?

The Firebinder comes with +30 Intelligence, the primary stat to increase the damage of Fire Staffs. Its perks improve the mana regen rate and increase both single and multi-target DPS. Plus, according to its description, “[you] can control fire.”

The Firebinder has the following perks:

  • Chain Fire makes Basic attack hits trigger a Fire chain that bounces between close targets, with a 2-second cooldown.
  • Vicious grants +11% critical damage.
  • Efficient Burnout increases mana regen rate by 37% for 8 seconds after using Burnout.

Where to find the Firebinder Fire Staff in New World

The only way to get the Firebinder is to loot it from the Blighted Greenskeeper. This Angry Earth is the third and last boss from the Garden of Genesis Expedition. Don’t be surprised if you don’t notice him at first: the Blighted Greenskeeper crawls out of the ground only when you are close enough.

The Blighted Greenskeeper deals quite powerful blows, so make sure to stay at a distance if you are wielding your Fire Staff. Once the boss is dead, you have a chance to loot the Firebinder.

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