How to get the Frost Fairy’s Gift in New World

The Frost Fairy’s Gift is an Ice Gauntlet, and it happens to be one of the most powerful weapons in New World. It has the ability to deal immense damage and, since it is an Ice Gauntlet, it also slows enemies down at the same time, letting you or your team pick them off more easily.

What makes the Frost Fairy’s Gift good?

The Frost Fairy’s Gift in New World has a gear score of 590 and base damage of 230, with a 3% chance to provide critical hits.

Additionally, this legendary weapon comes with a lot of cool perks:

  • 9 Dexterity
  • 19 Intelligence
  • Enchanted: Light and heavy attacks deal 9,5% more damage.
  • Siphoning Blow: You gain 2.8% mana every time you’re hit (with a 30s cooldown).
  • Mortal Siphoning: You gain 4.8% mana recovery when you kill anything.

Where to find the Frost Fairy’s Gift

Unlike most other New World Ice Gauntlets, you can’t just complete a quest to get the Frost Fairy’s Gift. You will have to craft it yourself. In order to do craft this specific legendary weapon, you will need the following items:

  • 20 Water Quintessence
  • 15 Runic Leather
  • 5 Asmodeum
  • 1 Ice Crystal Core
  • 4 Barbvine
  • 2 Scalecloth

After you’ve gathered the items, all you have to do is head down to the closest Forge and craft it.

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