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How to get the Frostgrasp Ice Gauntlet in New World

The Frostgrasp is one of the legendary Ice Gauntlets available for level 60 characters in New World. It increases both the damage output and overall crowd control abilities of the Ice Gauntlet skill tree. Here is how to get the Frostgrasp Ice Gauntlet in New World.

What makes the Frostgrasp Ice Gauntlet good?

Ice Gauntlets’ damage scale with Intelligence, and the Frostgrasp brings +30 of this attribute. Moreover, its perks increase critical damage, make frost effects last longer, and even trigger an ice chain between several enemies.

The Frostgrasp Ice Gauntlet comes with these perks:

  • Unending Thaw keeps Frost effects on enemies for 2 more seconds after exiting Ice Storm.
  • Chain Ice makes Basic attack hits trigger an Ice chain that bounces between close targets, with a 2-second cooldown.
  • Vicious gives +11% critical damage.

The Frostgrasp also comes with a Cruel IV gem, increasing damage against targets with an active Crowd Control status effect by +12%.

Where to find the Frostgrasp Ice Gauntlet in New World

To get the Frostgrasp, you will need to kill Cilla. This Ancient Guardian is the first boss of the Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition.

She will not attack you on sight, so you have a bit of time to get ready for the fight. Cilla wields a Spear and moves a lot during the fight, so make sure to react accordingly. Her attacks are powerful, but you shouldn’t have too many issues with them if you pay attention to the combat.

Once dead, Cilla may drop the Frostgrasp. You may also loot other legendary weapons from this boss, such as the Ancient Intentions Musket.

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