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How to get the Fury War Hammer in New World

War Hammers in New World are versatile, capable of both crowd control, tanking, and damage output. The legendary Fury War Hammer aims to take that damage to the next level with additional critical hit modifiers. Here is how to get the Fury War Hammer in New World.

What makes the Fury Warhammer good?

This War Hammer scales completely off of Strength, making it super viable for those speccing their points in that tree. Fury comes with an additional Strength stat, bringing up that damage even more. It also comes socketed with a Jasper, a gem that increases your damage after receiving three hits.

Fury’s perk pool also makes it super desirable:

  • Keen, which increases critical chance.
  • Vicious, which increases critical hit damage.
  • Keenly Empowered, critical hits grant Empowered for a short duration.

Where to find the Fury War Hammer in New World

Fury binds on equip, so you cannot purchase it from the Trading Post or another player.

The Fury War Hammer drops from Chardis in the Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition. This is the endgame dungeon that takes place in Reekwater, a 60+ area of the map. Chardis has six other legendaries in his loot pool, so you may need to farm the dungeon a few times to get the Fury War Hammer.

The only prerequisites in order to get Fury are a full team of five, being level 60, and having a tuning Orb to access the Lazarus Expedition.

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