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How to get the Guillotine Great Axe in New World

Great Axes are powerful weapons in New World, able to slash through packs of enemies while providing their wielder with decent sustain. The Guillotine is one of the best Great Axes, with strong stats and perks restoring life whenever you deal damage. Here is how to get the Guillotine Great Axe in New World.

What makes the Guillotine Great Axe good?

Besides its 600 Gear Score and its default stats, the Guillotine Great Axe is especially good because of its perks. The weapon comes with three perks that deal additional damage and give health back when you kill enemies.

The Guillotine Great Axe has the following perks:

  • Beast Bane deals 14% additional damage to Beasts.
  • Mending Execute gives 17% of health back on kill with Execute.
  • Mortal Lifesteal grants 4.8% health when you kill something, with a 5-second cooldown.

Where to find the Guillotine Great Axe in New World

Red Claw, a big bear from Ebonscale Reach, drops the Guillotine Great Axe. Red Claw is a level 54 Elite that spawns with small bears around him. Once you are done slaughtering the family of bears, Red Claw may drop the Guillotine Great Axe.

Make sure your Watermark is high enough before farming Red Claw for the Guillotine Great Axe. The Watermark is a system rewarding better gear as you keep on playing after level 60. If the Guillotine Great Axe doesn’t drop with a 600 Gear Score, increase your Watermark and try again.

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