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How to get the Infamy Musket in New World

Muskets are ideal weapons for those who want to deal massive damage while staying away from the frontline. Their range is among the longest of all weapons in New World, and their burst capacity compensates for their slow reloading time. Among all the Muskets, the legendary Infamy is the one with the highest burst potential. Here is how to get the Infamy Musket in New World.

What makes the Infamy Musket good?

The Infamy is a really good Musket because of its perks. They increase critical chance and critical damage, meaning you will land powerful shots more often. It also brings a strong gem for the opening of a fight, guaranteeing that your first shot deals maximum damage.

The Infamy Musket comes with the following perks:

  • Keen gives +11% critical chance.
  • Vicious grants +11% critical damage.
  • Enchanted makes Light and Heavy attacks deal 9.6% more damage.

The Infamy includes a Brash IV gem, increasing damage by +30% against targets with full Health. Combined with a powerful charged attack like Power Shot, this makes for a strong opening against any kind of enemy.

Where to find the Infamy Musket in New World

The Infamy drops from Alluvium Marl, the Caretaker. This is a boss from the Garden of Genesis Expedition, located in Edengrove.

The Caretaker deals heavy damage and can knock you down, so you may want to use your Musket to defeat him. Stay afar, deal as much damage as you can, and make sure to avoid his deadly attacks.

The Infamy is only one of the legendary weapons this boss can drop once it is defeated.

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