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How to get the Lifebinder Life Staff in New World

Legendary items are key to the endgame in New World. They provide strong perks and stat bonuses that help maximize builds. For healers one of the best options is the Lifebinder Life Staff. Here is how to get the Lifebinder Life Staff in New World.

Where to find the Lifebinder Life Staff in New World

The Lifebinder Life Staff is currently only available through Outpost Rush caches. These caches are only obtainable by playing – you guessed it – Outpost Rush. Outpost Rush is one of the end-game PvP activities that require you to be Level 60 to participate in. In this activity, two teams of 20 compete to control zones and take over the opposing team’s Outpost. The activity can be tackled solo, or in groups of up to five people.

What makes the Lifebinder Life Staff good?

Lifebinder gives stat boosts to both Constitution and Focus, which are the main stats a healer in New World will focus on. Constitution buffs the player’s health pool, while Focus increases their Nature damage output as well as their healing.

Lifebinder’s perk pool also makes it super desirable:

  • Blessed provides a % healing bonus, which helps with your healing output.
  • Fortifying Sacred Ground grants Fortify to allies healed by Sacred Ground. This additional damage absorption is great for both Tanks and DPS players in boss fights. It also has some merit in PvP.
  • Mortal Siphoning restores Mana when you kill something.
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