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How to get the Needler Rapier in New World

One of the best weapons in New World is the Needler rapier. While it is not a Legendary weapon, the Needler has strong stats making it a powerful weapon to have in most situations. Here is how to get the Needler rapier in New World.

What makes the Needler rapier good?

Rapiers are fast weapons, and the Needler takes advantage of that. By default, the Needler rapier increases the critical rate of all attacks. It also provides a boost in Dexterity and Intellect, the two main stats for rapiers in New World.

The Needler rapier has three powerful perks:

  • Arboreal IV converts 50% of damage to Nature. Damage scales off base weapon stat or focus, whichever is higher.
  • Omnidirectional Evade applies the Evade’s Adagio upgrade when evading in any direction – a perk from the Grace skill tree.
  • Keen grants +11.0% critical chance.

Where to find the Needler rapier in New World

Players can craft the Needler rapier through weaponsmithing. Crafting this weapon requires weaponsmithing level 193, a few rare materials, and most importantly the Needler schematic.

The schematic to craft the Needler rapier in New World is a legendary recipe that can be found in chests, crates, and supply containers across Aeternum. Recycle the Needler schematic to learn this recipe, even if you don’t have the level to craft it yet.

If you don’t find it in a container, you can purchase the Schematic: Needler at a Trading Post. The Needler rapier is bound on equip, so you may also find it directly at the Trading Post.

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