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How to get the Primordial Edge Sword in New World

Straight Swords in New World are often paired with Shields to run tank builds. They can also be used in damage builds, and Primordial Edge is a legendary sword that focuses on doing just that. Here is how to get the Primordial Edge Sword in New World.

What makes the Primordial Edge Sword good?

Primordial Edge is meant for dishing out high damage and is meant to be paired with the Swordmaster skill tree. Some perks to use with Primordial Edge are Precision, Opportunist, Critical Precision, and Leadership.

This sword comes with a Dexterity attribute buff, which is the secondary stat that the Straight Sword scales off of. It also comes equipped with a Malachite gem, which increases damage against targets affected by a Slow, Stun, or Root.

Primordial Edge’s perk pool is focused on Critical hits:

  • Keen – Increases the Critical hit chance.
  • Rogue – Increases the damage dealt by backstabbing.
  • Keenly Jagged – Critical hits cause the target to bleed for a short duration.

Where to find the Primordial Edge Sword in New World

This sword is bound on pickup, so it cannot be traded or bought from the Trading Post.

The Primordial Edge Sword only drops from the Blighted Greenskeeper, a boss in the Garden of Genesis dungeon. This is a late-game dungeon that will require a full group of five and a Tuning Orb. Garden of Genesis can be found in Edengrove.
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