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How to get the Remnant of Before Hatchet in New World

Hatchets are great one-handed weapons in New World. They provide high damage output combined with survivability and mobility that is strong in both solo and team play. Here is how to get the Remnant of Before Hatchet in New World.

What makes the Remnant of Before Hatchet good?

Hatchets in New World scale off of Strength primarily and Dexterity secondarily. Remnant of Before comes with an additional 30 Constitution. This doesn’t help with damage but drastically increases your survivability. It also comes with an empty Gem Slot, so you can add whatever you like.

Remnant of Before also comes with these perks:

  • Chain Void, causing attacks to chain Void damage between enemies.
  • Refreshing, which reduces max cooldowns by 2.8%.
  • Sturdy, reducing the amount of stamina damage taken when blocking by 9.6%.

Where to find the Remnant of Before Hatchet in New World

This Hatchet cannot be found in the open world or as a boss drop. It currently only comes from Outpost Rush caches, which are received at the end of Outpost Rush matches. This is a match-made, 20 v 20 PvP activity that requires level 60 to join.

The Remnant of Before Hatchet is bound on pickup, so it cannot be bought from the Trading Post or traded with other players.

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