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How to get the Rigor Mortis Ice Gauntlet in New World

Ice Gauntlets are the best weapons in New World when it comes to dealing a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Among these Ice Gauntlets is the legendary weapon Rigor Mortis. It brings additional burst damage and restores some mana each time you hit an enemy. Here is how to get the Rigor Mortis Ice Gauntlet in New World.

What makes the Rigor Mortis Ice Gauntlet good?

Unlike some other legendary Ice Gauntlets, the Rigor Mortis doesn’t solely increase your damage output. It rather focuses on making you stronger with each hit you land, boosting your ability to kill lots of mobs quickly.

The Rigor Mortis Ice Gauntlet comes with the following perks:

  • Siphoning Blow grants 2.8% mana per hit, with a 10-second cooldown. This perk does not trigger off persistent damage or DoT effects.
  • Iced Refresh reduces all Ice cooldowns by 75% after a killing blow with Ice Spike’s Mighty Spike.
  • Chain Fire makes Basic attack hits trigger a Fire chain that bounces between close targets, with a 2-second cooldown.

This legendary weapon also comes with a Gambit IV gemstone, increasing damage by +15% while your stamina is not full.

Where to find the Rigor Mortis Ice Gauntlet in New World

The Rigor Mortis drops from Mordici the Mortician. This Undead Grave Digger is located North of Ebonscale Reach, in the small area North of the Skysong Lagoon.

Mordici the Mortician is very weak against Nature spells, and he doesn’t like Ice and Strike either. However, he is very strong against Corruption and slightly resistant to Thrust attacks.

Once dead, Mordici the Mortician has a chance to drop the Rigor Mortis. He can also drop an Ephemeral Seal, a legendary crafting component.

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