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How to get the Rimelash Ice Gauntlet in New World

Ice Gauntlets are powerful weapons in New World, able to deal massive damage and slow down enemies. The Rimelash is one of the legendary Ice Gauntlets available in New World, and the easiest one to get. In this quick guide we’ll go over why the Rimelash Ice Gauntlet is so good and how to get it.

What makes the Rimelash Ice Gauntlet good?

The Rimelash is the best Ice Gauntlet you can get without crafting or going bankrupt at the Trading Post. This legendary weapon comes with a gear level of 580 and powerful perks for casters.

The Rimelash Ice Gauntlet comes with the following perks:

  • Chain Ice makes basic attack hits trigger an ice chain that bounces between close targets, with a cooldown of 2 seconds.
  • Mortal Refreshment reduces all cooldowns by 5% when you kill something, with a 5 seconds cooldown.
  • Siphoning Blow grants 2.7% mana per hit, with a cooldown of 27 seconds. This does not trigger off persistent damage or DoT effects.

Where to find the Rimelash Ice Gauntlet in New World

To get the Rimelash Ice Gauntlet in New World, you need to complete a quest called Hand of Hoarfrost. Jennifer Heatley, a ranger located in Great Cleave, gives this quest to level 60 players. As for most legendary weapon quests, you need to have a weapon mastery level of 20 to unlock this quest.

The questline to get the Rimelash Ice Gauntlet comprises eight quests asking you to gather the components to craft the legendary weapon. Just like for the Azure Ravager Hatchet, you will need to complete Madaki’s Stratagem to unlock the quest to get the Rimelash Ice Gauntlet.

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