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How to get the Rotten Limb Void Gauntlet in New World

Void Gauntlets provide enormous amounts of utility in New World. With many team buff options and a strong reduction on enemy healing, they are great team-play weapons for building up damage. Rotten Limb is among the most useful Void Gauntlets. Here is how to get the Rotten Limb Void Gauntlet New World.

What makes the Rotten Limb Void Gauntlet good?

This Void Gauntlet has its attributes split between Intelligence and Focus. It buffs Focus by 10 attribute points and Intelligence by 20. This makes it a viable option for those who want to heal and deal some damage. It also comes with an empty gem slot, so you can slot whatever you want. Some great options are Diamonds, Malachites, or Emeralds.

The Rotten Limb Void Gauntlet also comes with these perks:

  • Putrefying Scream, which causes Petrifying scream to reduce enemy healing by 50% for 10 seconds.
  • Keenly Jagged, which adds a bleed to your critical hits that deals 7% weapon damage.
  • Chain Void, adding a Void damage chain that bounces between enemies.

Where to find the Rotten Limb Void Gauntlet in New World

As with most named drops in New World, Rotten Limb is bound on pick-up and cannot be traded. The only enemy who drops Rotten Limb is Putris. He is a crocodile in Mosswater Bourg, a zone in the western area of Reekwater. It can be easily accessed through the bridge that connects Everfall and Reekwater.

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  1. Have we found a drop rate on this item, especially if your running pvp with full luck and 3 Major Trophys?

    1. Hi John,

      At the current time there isn’t a luck calculator for non-crafting item drops, so it is hard to say. Hopefully AGS gives more details soon!

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