How to get the secret Biomutant shark mount Pee-Wee Gargantua

Biomutant has a lot of mounts that players can use to explore the world, and each mount has its own biome and environment. Today I am going to tell you where to get the Pee-Wee Gargantua shark mount in Biomutant.

Starting the quest

In order to get the Pee-Wee Gargantua mount in BioMutant, you will first have to find a rat called Gill, who is located in the northwestern part of the map, on the dock at Burblebottom. He will give you a quest called Clean Surf.

In this quest, you will have to escort him to a nearby source of freshwater, so that Gill can drop off a fish. Keep in mind that you will have to protect Gill and defeat a bunch of enemies at the same time, and there is a level 36 boss at the end of the path, so be prepared and equipped to fight.

Getting the Pee-Wee Gargantua

Once you’ve completed the escort quest, Gill will give you the location of a Gargantua who has been kidnapped and is now imprisoned at Brug’s Camp in Fnackyleaves, in the southeastern part of the map. Once again, be prepared to fight, as you will encounter a huge group of Brugs with two Brug Bulk Brutes protecting their prisoner.

When you’ve managed to kill every last enemy in the camp, all you have to do is head to the back of the camp and release the Pee-Wee Gargantua. After that, he will be ready for you to use as a mount, meaning you won’t ever have to waste time swimming everywhere.

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