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How to get the Shadowkeeper Void Gauntlet in New World

Void Gauntlets are the newest magical weapon in New World. Wielding the power of darkness, this weapon type is great at debuffing enemies while empowering yourself and your allies. Here is how to get the Shadowkeeper Void Gauntlet in New World.

What makes the Shadowkeeper Void Gauntlet good?

Shadowkeeper has its attribute points split between Constitution and Intelligence. This will bring up your max health as well as your damage dealt with the Void Gauntlet. It does not come slotted with a Gem, so you can add whichever Gem fits best with your build. Some solid options are the Amber or Diamond gems.

The Shadowkeeper Void Gauntlet also comes with these perks:

  • Nullifying Oblivion, which removes limited duration buffs from enemies within the radius of Oblivion.
  • Blessed, which gives a percent healing bonus.
  • Refreshing, which reduces the max cooldown of abilities.

Where to find the Shadowkeeper Void Gauntlet in New World

Shadowkeeper is a world drop legendary, meaning it is not tied to a single loot source. It can drop from various chests in 59+ zones, including those in Expeditions and Elite zones. Shadowkeeper can also drop from mobs and Elite bosses.

The Shadowkeeper Void Gauntlet is Bind on Pickup, so you cannot trade it or buy it from the Trading Post.

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