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How to get the Spectral Arson Void Gauntlet in New World

While Void Gauntlets are often used for their debuffs, they are also capable of outputting some decent damage. Spectral Arson is a Void Gauntlet that gets stronger from getting kills. As the name suggests, it also deals Fire damage in addition to Void. Here is how to get the Spectral Arson Void Gauntlet in New World.

What makes the Spectral Arson Void Gauntlet good?

Void Gauntlets scale heavily off of Intelligence and also partly off of Focus. For those looking for a more damage-oriented build, you will want to invest in Intelligence, while Healers should look for more Focus. Spectral Arson comes with a 10 Focus & 20 Intelligence split. It also comes slotted with a Ruby, converting half of its damage to Fire.

Spectral Arson also comes with these perks:

  • Empowered Rupture, killing a target afflicted with Rupture grants Empower.
  • Mortal Refreshment, killing an enemy reduces all cooldowns by 5% (5-second cooldown).
  • Siphoning Blow, you gain 2.8% mana per hit (10-second cooldown).

Where to find the Spectral Arson Void Gauntlet in New World

Spectral Arson doesn’t drop from enemies but instead, it drops from Elite Chests throughout Aeternum. Running any of the Elite Zones will give you a chance at getting this weapon. This Void Gauntlet is bound on pickup, so you cannot buy it from the Trade Post or from another player.

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